As a valued client, I just wanted to keep you updated on the changes with current Mortgage Rates.  Check out my Blog to see weekly updates on mortgage rates, usually posted on Monday’s and compliments of Paul Croteau of BMO.

Also, read the comment below, compliments of Jamie O’Brien and Ryan O’Connor, Neighbourhood Dominion Lending.

“As you probably heard the Bank of Canada lowered prime by a quarter percent on Wednesday, January 28th.  After a slight delay, most lenders have followed through with a .15% reduction in bank prime rates.

This means there are some significant mortgage rate reductions that have occurred. Right now  5 year Variable rates are around 2.2% with Fixed rates between 2.79 and 2.89 %,

which is .30% below what they were  a month ago. These changes were unexpected as many experts were projecting rate increases in 2015.”

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P.S. If you ever come across great people ‘like you’ who might be buying or selling this year, please let me know and I’ll provide them the same great service I have provided you over the years! 

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