Selling Your Home?

“Expect It To Be Sold”

Selling your home? When it is time to sell, I have the tools and marketing techniques to help you sell your home quickly, easily and for the best price.
I’ll apply my expertise by providing you with a complimentary computerized market analysis to determine your home’s value in today’s market.
By incorporating Royal LePage’s home marketing system, I will mobilize the entire real estate community to find a buyer for your home.

Seller testimonials

We definitely recommend Tim!

“Timothy definitely is our go to man! This is the 3rd sale he’s handled for us. He sold Larry’s mother’s home and our neighbours house as well.

We told him we wanted to sell as quickly as possible and three days later he got the job done! The whole process went nice and smooth. We definitely recommend Tim!”

Larry and Cindy Vail

Tim was great!

“Tim was great!
Once we finally made the decision to list, everything happened according to plan!
It was a simple and quick process and we are very pleased with how everything fell into place!”

Brian and Meagan Bates

Contact Tim Salisbury and team!

“After many months with no success finding a buyer for our home, a good friend connected us with Tim Salisbury.

Tim consulted with us honestly and thoroughly, communicated openly and often, and represented us fairly and fiercely….and he got a deal done within a few short weeks.

If you’re selling or buying in Niagara, contact Tim Salisbury and team!”

John and Lynn Dickhout

I highly recommend the Salisbury Team to any buyer or seller!

I recently decided to sell my home and I chose to have the Salisbury Team from Royal Lepage help me with this task.

I chose the Salisbury Team because of their professional knowledge and expertise in the real estate market.
A comprehensive marketing strategy was developed and the overall advertising presentation of my home was incredible.
Ultimately the home was sold and I wanted to personally thank each and every member involved. I highly recommend the Salisbury Team to any buyer or seller!
Well worth it and the results reflect their efforts. Thanks again!

Scott Clarke

We could not be more thrilled!

“We could not be more thrilled, and would recommend Tim to anyone who is looking for an agent! From the moment we met with him we felt confident that we were working with a true professional and that he knew this market incredibly well and could rely on his guidance through this process.
He, and his team, especially Jim and Lydia are knowledgeable, reliable and congenial, and we are happy clients for sure!”

Jim and Sherry Keast

The house is sold! Thanks to Timothy and his Team!

“My wife Lynda and I first met Timothy 17 years ago, when we used his expertise to sell our townhouse and buy the detached home we are still happily living in today!
Through the years, Timothy stayed in touch with thoughtful gestures and emails, maintaining a professional yet friend-like relationship.
When my parents’ house had to be sold recently, I knew the only professional for me to contact was Timothy.
Timothy and Jim Gifford advised and guided us through the whole process of preparing the house for the market.
Today, while writing this, I am sitting here with a big smile on my face. The house is sold! Thanks to Timothy and his Team!”

Bob and Lynda Hainstock

Video testimonials

What is your Home Worth?


What is your Home Worth? The Market Value of Your Home is NOT:

  1. What you have invested in it.
  2. What you need out of it.
  3. What you want for it.
  4. What it is appraised for.
  5. What you heard your neighbour’s house sold for.
  6. What the tax department says it is worth.
  7. How much it is insured for.
  8. Based on memories and treasures.
  9. Based on prices of homes where you are moving.

The True Market Value of Your Home is What a Buyer is Willing to Pay:

  1. Based on today’s markets.
  2. Based on today’s competition.
  3. Based on today’s financing.
  4. Based on today’s economic condition.
  5. Based on the buyer’s perception of the condition.
  6. Based on location.
  7. Based on normal marketing time.
  8. Based on showing accessibility.

Properties That Sell in Today’s Market

On a scale of 1-10.
The “10’s” Are the Ones That Are Selling. How Can Your Property Be a 10?

  1. By improving the condition dramatically.
  2. By offering good terms.
  3. By improving the way the home shows.
  4. By adjusting the price to todays market value.

As a Seller You Control:

  1. The price you ask.
  2. The condition of the property.
  3. Access to the property.

As a Seller You Do Not Control:

  1. Market Conditions.
  2. The motivation of your competition.
  3. Value.

Thoughts on Pricing and House Values

Your house might be clean and the exterior painted, but none of that will matter if you list your home for sale at the wrong price.  If you’re planning on putting your home on the market, determining your asking price is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you can start off with a high asking price, and then just cut the price later if you need to.  If you want your house to sell quickly, overpricing is not a good strategy.  When you price your home too high, potential buyers will likely ignore the listing.  Then, when you eventually drop your price, buyers will see just how long the house has been on the market and they’ll assume you’re a desperate seller, which you may be at this point.  It also sends the signal that there is room for even more negotiation.  However, if you price too low, well, no one wants to leave money on the table.  So how do you go about determining a fair price?  This is where we come in. Ask the Salisbury Team to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis for you and rather than just listening passively to what we recommend, engage in a real conversation about what buyers are looking for in this market and how your home stacks up.  Are there improvements you can make so buyers would be willing to pay a higher price?  Discuss your timeline to sell and if you should price differently based on that timeline.  Once you think you’ve come up with a good price, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and see what else you could get for the asking price of your home.  Often sellers are too emotionally attached to their homes to objectively place a value on the property. Once you start looking around to see what else is selling for that price, you might have a better idea of how appealing your house is in the current market.


Statements Frequently Heard From Sellers About Pricing and House Values: 

“Another agent said it was worth more.”
“People always offer less than the asking price.”
“The buyers can always make an offer.”
“My neighbour was able to get this price.”
“We paid more than that for our home.”

Another Factor That Does Not Affect Value
Your original purchase price. Chances are you paid the market value. Markets change and today we have to deal with the current market conditions which may have changed significantly.

Over Improvement
Improvements should be made for your personal enjoyment, not resale. You cannot add an item to a home, select it to your style, use it, and then expect a buyer to pay the original cost.

The Owner’s Need for Money
The owner’s need for money or the fact that the owner is moving to a more expensive area where he will have to pay more for a home has nothing to with the home’s current market value.

The Cost To Rebuild It Today

The Seller’s Personal Attachment to the Property

Pricing Your Home in Today’s Market

Pricing Your Home in Today’s Market

Did you know that….

  • there is no ‘exact price’ for real estate?

  • the market determines the value and together – Realtor and Seller – we determine price?

  • the Realtor brings the market…the market brings the price?

  • the Realtor will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area?

  • you determine the price based on factors you can control such as:
    o marketing time?
    o financing alternatives provided?
    o condition?
    o exposure methods?

  • You should never select a Realtor based on the price they suggest to you?

Frustrated Sellers are Asking these Questions:

Why is there a lack of showings?
Why aren’t agents looking at my house on MLS?
Why are buyers reluctant to make offers?
Why is there a problem with my appraisal?
Why aren’t buyers seeing my house advertised and responding?
Why did that house sell when mine was the same price?
Why are offers coming in lower than my asking price?
Why has my house been on the market so long?
Why can’t my house sell?

The Answer:

Your home may be OVERPRICED.
* Ask me today to help you to determine the right price for your home.

Determining the Right Price for Your Home

How do you go about determining the right price for your home? The right selling price for your home is the highest price the market will bear. To help you in determining the right price for your home, I can provide you with a comprehensive market analysis (CMA) of properties in your neighbourhood that currently compare to your home.

The Comprehensive Property Analysis is divided into two categories:

  1. Similar properties that are currently listed.
  2. Similar properties that have recently sold or are pending closing.
  3. Similar properties that have expired and have been taken off the market.

By studying the comparable property locations, features and the terms under which they are offered, we can develop a clear picture of the potential market for your property.
By looking at the properties currently listed, we can see exactly what alternatives a serious buyer has to choose from. We can be certain that we are not under-pricing the property.
By looking at similar properties recently sold, we can see what homeowners have actually received over the last few months. This is the ‘acid test’ that is used by lending institutions to determine how much they would be willing to lend a buyer for your home.

Naturally we want top market value for your home, but I think we can agree that there is a point where the price would be too high. By looking at homes that didn’t sell, we can determine that price point and be careful not to overprice. By doing our homework, we should be able to receive maximum dollar in a reasonably short period of time, terms and conditions in your favour with the least amount of inconvenience you and your family.

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