Buyer Testimonials

Such an enjoyable experience!

“It was a lovely experience having Jim Gifford as my real estate agent.
Because I was from out of town, he showed me around the Niagara region to help me determine which area best suited me.
Being rather selective we eventually narrowed it down to not only the area but a specific home. I’m ready to move!
Thanks so much Jim for making this such an enjoyable experience!”

Ursula Rodrigues

Everything has been great!

“I’m not a person of many words but since my son (who is also a client of the team) introduced me to Timothy and Jim, everything has been great.

Thank you!”

Del Carson

We enjoyed their top notch service!

“We went through the whole process of both selling and buying a home with Timothy and his team.
Everything was well looked after and taken care off; we appreciated details such as the moving cards.
We didn’t have to worry about a thing!
Lisa was friendly, easy going and always got back to us right away.
It was a very good experience, we enjoyed their top notch service!”

James and Trish Bell

The whole process has been a fantastic experience!

“The whole process has been a fantastic experience!
It was seamless. I got through the whole process without becoming flustered or stressed.
It was really easy to stay calm and collected.
Jim Gifford has been on the ball the whole time. He kept me updated on everything and always gave his honest opinion. My Mom loved him! Working with the Salisbury Team really has been a great experience!”

Itayi Nyaundi

Everything was well handled from the beginning.

“Everything was well handled from the beginning.
The initial meeting with Timothy and Jim was very positive.
The process was explained to us and we knew what to expect.
Working was Jim was a great experience!”

Marcello Cacciotti and Cathy Nursall

The process was painless and the service was outstanding.

“We’ve worked with a few different real estate agents in the past and working with this team was completely different. We felt confident immediately after meeting them; confident that they were well versed in this competitive market, experienced as a team, and willing to devote the time and energy into finding us what we wanted right away. The process was painless and the service was outstanding. Never did I once feel like they were in this for the commission.”

Trisha Tisi and Zac Scott