Pricing Your Home in Today’s Market

Pricing Your Home in Today’s Market

Did you know that….

  • there is no ‘exact price’ for real estate?

  • the market determines the value and together – Realtor and Seller – we determine price?

  • the Realtor brings the market…the market brings the price?

  • the Realtor will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area?

  • you determine the price based on factors you can control such as:
    o marketing time?
    o financing alternatives provided?
    o condition?
    o exposure methods?

  • You should never select a Realtor based on the price they suggest to you?

Frustrated Sellers are Asking these Questions:

Why is there a lack of showings?
Why aren’t agents looking at my house on MLS?
Why are buyers reluctant to make offers?
Why is there a problem with my appraisal?
Why aren’t buyers seeing my house advertised and responding?
Why did that house sell when mine was the same price?
Why are offers coming in lower than my asking price?
Why has my house been on the market so long?
Why can’t my house sell?

The Answer:

Your home may be OVERPRICED.
* Ask me today to help you to determine the right price for your home.