Grey Cup Contest 2014

The CFL Grey Cup game is happening this Sunday, November 30th at BC Place in Vancouver, BC. Game time is approximately 6 PM EST. The Hamilton Tiger Cats play against the Calgary Stampeders. Just add a comment for the Salisbury Team GREY CUP Contest and you could WIN a Fabulous Prize!!

If there is more than one winner, a draw will be held for the prizes. Winners will be announced in the next newsletter.
Don’t delay – Deadline for entry is Sunday, November 30th just before kick off!!!


  1. Being only 45 minutes from Hamilton I have to go for the Ti-Cats!! 38-34 in a CFL slug fest!!!

  2. Michael Callihoo says:

    I am rooting for Hamilton but, my gut tells me that Calgary will be too strong. Calgary will be smart and do everything they can to not kick to Banks, who is the reason the Ti-Cats are in the Grey Cup.

    Calgary 37 – Hamilton 23

  3. Angelko Rezo says:

    I believe the Tiger Cats will win because they are ready this year having learned alot after last years loss.

  4. Tom Mcanulty says:

    In any other year I would back the Ticats…because…well tigers eat horses for lunch. That said, it is still the year of the Horse by Chinese Zodiac calendar…so my wise Sagittarian pick (and born in 54 under the sign of the horse) is for the Stampeders to crush the Ticats under their hooves of fury. Tom

  5. Peter Collinson says:

    Tiger Cats, because I root for the East – 31 -24

  6. Janet Glazebrook says:

    Calgary will win because my nephew plays for them!!!

  7. Mary Jane Rose says:

    Well, I have to go with Calgary even thou Brandon Banks can run like heck. I will bet the win 28 to 18 for Calgary. I feel I should win the funnest as well cause I really enjoyed the last Starbucks card, and of course Tim is my most favorite real estate agent in the whole wide world!!!

  8. Dave Dailly says:

    I’m going with the Stamps over the TiCats. I’ll predict Calgary 42 and Hamilton 31. Jon Cornish is gonna run wild.

  9. Angelko Rezo says:

    I predict the Tiger Cats beat the Stampeders 34-28.

  10. John Fraser says:

    Calgary to win 34 to 24

  11. Having been born in Grimsby, I always vote for Hamilton teams. The Tiger Cats will take the game

  12. Have to support local team go Ti Cats 30 – 22 Ti Cats win..

  13. Carolyn Robertson says:

    I’m hoping that Hamilton will win – they have the best cheer! How about 38-26 for the Ti-Cats!

  14. Ernie Sibbett says:

    I’d love to see Hamilton win, but I think Calgary is too god. I think the score will be Calgary 43 – Hamilton 23… Boo hoo!

  15. Hamilton Ti-Cats led by a Cincinnati Bear Cat….Can’t go wrong
    Cats by a field goal

  16. Carolyn Robertson says:

    I’m hoping that Hamilton wins – they have the best cheer! How about 38 – 26 for the Time-Cats!

  17. Have to say Calgary will win this year 43-18

  18. Its great to see Tim cheering for my Ti-Cats. We’re usually on opposite sides in sports unless we both don’t care about the teams involved and there’s beer and chicken wings coming. I think the Ti-Cats are due for an upset for a few reasons: They were demolished and demoralized in last year’s Grey Cup loss to Saskatchewan, Kent Austin is a great coach and every logical stat favours Calgary. So its time to cheer for the Hammer. Hamilton 29 Calgary 26

  19. Kevin VanLeeuwen says:

    Calgary will win 34-24, because unlike a Loonie, the Ti-Cats won’t give us 4 quarters

  20. Steve Chelmicki says:

    Hamilton all the way…..Tiger cats 31-24 . By the way who are we playing

  21. Steve Chelmicki says:

    Hamilton all the way…..Tiger cats 31-24 . By the way who are we playing .

  22. Brenda Dolha says:

    Stampeders this year. A West win in the wind!

  23. Sarah McGrath says:

    Calgary 30-24, though my husband wants that Ti-Cats to win.

  24. Andrew McGrath says:

    Gotta pick the Ti-Cats … 30-24.

  25. And the Winner is………………..
    Well a closer Grey Cup that many of us predicted and Calgary came out the Grey Cup Champions for 2014. 11 of you correctly picked Calgary. I picked 2 names out of my Buffalo Bills hat (always plugging my teams haha!) and the Grand Prize Winner was Tom McAnulty and Runner Up was Janet Glazebrook.
    thanks to everyone who participated and Tom and Janet, congrats once again!

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