December 1st has been designated as World AIDS Day.

Why is this day so important?
It is meant to raise awareness of a pandemic that has been going on for decades. It is a time to reflect on what has been achieved through a global response to the AIDS/HIV pandemic and look at what else we must achieve in fighting this virus.
Is there hope we will ever be able to beat this?
The World Health Organization believes we can… A lot of progress has been made already!
The world has made significant progress since the late 1990s, but AIDS/HIV remains a major global public health issue. And like many other major health issues, it faces additional challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SOS Children’s Villages

There is an amazing Canadian organization that looks after abandoned and orphaned children is SOS Children’s Villages.
They help traumatized children to feel the safety and love of a family and a home again.


Originally founded in 1990 to share information among people living with HIV about new and emerging treatments, CATIE’s mandate has expanded to providing both treatment and prevention information on HIV and hepatitis C to frontline service providers across Canada. Their full legal name is the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange, but today they operate under the name CATIE. Click the info-graph image for more information about HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis in Canada.
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