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Great stuff from Paul, The Fire Guy, in his January Newsletter. As an investor with investment properties, we have forgotten that the bylaws regarding retro fitting was passed back in July of 1996. 2 or more units must comply with all by-laws.

Question – Has anyone dealt with the local fire departments and fire marshals here in the Niagara Region and if so, did you have any issues?



The Independent Fire Code Specialist – Protecting Your Interests

Well here it is the beginning of a new year – Happy New Year to one and all.

Recently I have been receiving requests asking just what does The Fire Guy do?
First of all when the Fire Guy inspects your clients income property
– he does NOT report any deficiencies to the local Fire Department
– he does NOT tell the owner the work must be done in 30 days
– he does NOT prosecute non-compliant issues
– he does NOT issue a Notice of Violation

What he does do;
– he will perform a complete inspection of the property containing apartments, encouraging the client to follow along
– he explains in detail any non-compliant Fire Code issues as they are encountered
– he offers the best methods of correcting these issues
– he puts all findings in a written report

The Fire Guy is Paul Schuster, an ex Fire Prevention officer who left the fire department after after providing fire safety solutions for 30 years.

To-day most Fire Departments are taking non-compliant cases straight to prosecution.
Compliance is now expected and failure to comply can result in fines and prison terms.
Last year the Office of The Fire Marshal starting promoting a Zero Tolerance Policy.

They are now putting on courses for fire department personal entitled “Walk Your Talk To Zero Tolerance” a one-day workshop enhancing a stronger enforcement approach towards compliance with the Fire Code.
These courses are to explain the legislation, how to commence Court Proceedings and processes necessary for successful prosecutions.

This is why you and your clients need the services of an Independent Fire Code Inspector who is fully conversant with Fire Code issues. He will offer advice on the best method of attaining compliance before the authorities become involved, thereby eliminating the risk of prosecution with fines of up to $50,000. and up to 1 year in prison.

To-day the services of a Home Inspector are considered a necessary part of any real estate transaction.
So too must the services of an Independent Fire Code Inspector be considered necessary for any transactions involving multi-unit income properties.
Retrofit addresses any building with 2 or more apartments, from the house with a basement apartment right up to the apartment building.

So for all your Retrofit needs remember The Fire Guy
“Who is here protecting you from Fire and The Fire Departments”

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