1. The Consultation – Staging Spaces will walk through your house, completing a unique handbook room by room. You are left with the handbook which details all recommendations required to prepare your house for sale. Before photographs are taken of each room so we can see the impact once the final staging is complete. Once the walk through is complete, we will sit down with you, the homeowner, to discuss the recommendations and work to be done.

2. Working the Recommendations – You decide on what work you would like to complete yourself, and what work you would like Staging Spaces to complete. We can recommend contractors should the need be required.

3. Staging the Property – Now that all of the recommendations are complete, it’s time to showcase the property and sell your house! Staging Spaces will take professional ‘after’ photographs of the house which can also be used in marketing your house for sale. Now you are ready to list your house.

Stacey Haluka
Staging Spaces
The first stage to selling your house


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