Spring has finally arrived. Time to put away the snow shovel, and get out the lawn mower.

Let’s not forget safety.

Change the oil, install new spark plugs and new filters. Clean the mower deck and sharpen the blade. Move the mower to the outside. Re-fill the gas tank with fresh fuel taking care to prevent spills and carefully wiping up any that does. Now is the time to start your mower. Always run any gasoline engines out doors, preventing Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Before mowing, clear the lawn area of all debris that could be thrown by the mower.

Gasoline should always be stored in safety containers in the storage shed or garage. NEVER inside the house. Gasoline fumes can KILL.

Barbecue Safety

Time to get out the BBQ and get ready to cook outdoors !

First we have to clean up from the long winter. Wash off the outside with soap and water. Remove the briquettes and inspect the burner for rust and other damage. If large holes are present, this will cause erratic heating and poor heat distribution.

Check the venturi tube running from the valves to the burners for obstructions. Spiders love to nest in there during the winter. These obstructions must be removed, as they will impede the propane flow.

Move the BBQ outdoors. Now is the time to install the propane tank. Always check all connections with soapy water for leaks and re-tighten as necessary. Open the lid and follow the manufacturers  instructions for lighting. – Happy Barbecuing –

Yard Clean-up

Time to move outdoors and clean-up all the debris from the long winter. Raking the lawn of all loose debris and dead grasses. Bag it and put it out for the yard waste or compost pick-up. Remove any combustible waste from around the yard. Do not allow piles of newspaper or furniture to accumulate out doors where they may become a fire hazard. In years past there have been problems with unknown persons starting fires in back yards and garages.

Make sure your storage sheds and garages are secure and locked.

“Don’t Give Fire A Place To Start.”

In The House

This is the place we usually relate to when we talk of “Spring Cleaning”.

Let’s not forget Fire Safety inside as well. Have we taken a good look at the furnace room. Can we get rid of some of the things that have accumulated over the winter. Other areas that seem to be out of sight – out of mind, we all have them, closets that are overflowing, hallways that seem to be impassable, spare rooms that are used for nothing else than to collect things which we will never use. Get rid of what we no longer need. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. Have a yard sale to dispose of the things we no longer need.

“A Tidy House Seldom Burns”

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