How did we do compared to September 2021??

The market is still slowing down. Not only are the number of sales down per municipality compared to last year’s September, but in most municipalities the sale price has also dropped, with the exception of Lincoln, Thorold and West Lincoln.

In the Niagara Region as a whole, the number of sales has gone down by 43.6% for the month of September 2022, compared to September 2021.

The average sale price has also decreased. Where the average sale price for the Niagara Region was $666K in September 2021, it dropped to $662K in September 2022. This is a decrease of 0.6%.

If you are considering selling, it is important to set a realistic listing price based on the current numbers and to understand that your house may be on the market longer than you would like.

You may be wondering what the best course of action is if you are thinking of selling or buying right now.

Or you might be wondering what the current value of your home would be if selling. The real estate numbers can raise many questions and it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees.

Remember that The Salisbury Team is here to help you!

If you have any questions regarding these numbers, just reach out. We are here for you!

AND If you ever see any sales or listings that you are curious about in your neighbourhood, just ASK and we will look them up!



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