Real Estate Numbers for October 2021 are in…

Buyer demand is still high and with so few homes available, Sellers who list their homes this Fall will likely have a tremendous advantage also know as leverage. Buyers want to buy before prices go even higher, they want to buy before interest rates rise, and in the likely event of having to compete with other Offers, they want their Offer accepted.

These three Buyer needs give homeowners a leg up when selling their house. Seller might already realize this leverage enables them to sell at a good price, but it also means they can negotiate the best terms to suit your needs.

Whether buying or selling, the more that 1400 members or the Niagara Association of REALTORS® are here to help; they have the market knowledge, the answers to questions, are skilled negotiators, and are ready to assist in all stages of the buying and selling process.” Said Doug Rempel, President of the Niagara Association of REALTORS®.

The Housing Market continues to perform well!

When we compare the stats for the Niagara Region to October of last year, we see a 13.6% decrease in the number of sales AND an HPI benchmark price increase of 33.4% to $679,400!

If you ever see any sales or listings that you are curious about in your neighbourhood, just ASK and I’ll look it up!


How Did YOUR Municipality Perform??

Let’s look at some numbers!!
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