As far as bang for your buck, nothing says “we live a good life here” like a cozy seating area on the  front porch.  You want to convey to potential buyers, or just the neighbours that the home occupants enjoy relaxation and comfort in pleasant surroundings.

Here’s a few tips for giving your porch power.

Make sure you don’t add too much furniture.  Scale it to the size of the porch area. A bench with a side table could be suitable for a narrow porch, while larger porches would suit a host of rocking chairs, a swing or a table with chairs for outdoor dining.

Use decorative flair.  Add some colourful pillows, and a cozy throw for cool nights to help create an enticing place where buyers may see themselves having a morning coffee or an afternoon lemonade.

Adding ’green’ to any living area, no matter the size, can make a huge difference in curb appeal perception. After the green is there, feel free to add colourful plants in containers, window boxes, or decorative containers.

A new coat of stain or paint on the floor is a great way to bring freshness to the porch.  Light blue reminds you of the sky and is said to ward off bugs.

Hanging curtains on the porch is a great idea.  You can use the curtains to block out the sun or to create privacy.  Hang them on the sides, hang them all the way around, use sheers to allow them to billow in the wind, use drapery material for more weight so they won’t ‘billow’ – whatever your taste- try something new and refreshing!

Curb appeal is one way to attract that potential buyer if selling or, if not, attract the neighbours for a visit!  Enjoy!

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