I will never forget this day, 21 years ago, February 8th, 1988.  It was my first day as a licensed Realtor and I was only 21 years old.  I was the youngest agent in our office, or perhaps it was that all of my colleagues were so much older, so I decided that I would try to grow a mustache to fit in and look slightly more mature.  What a great idea that was!!  I don’t think my mustache and I were on the same page since after about 2 months, all I was sporting was some peach fuzz!

Over the 21 years in this business, I have made a lot of mistakes, but have never stopped learning or trying to improve my services.  I try to continually grow both personally and professionally, and have even turned that peach fuzz into a full goatee.

Today, I still am doing what I love and hope that it shows in everything I do.  Thanks for allowing me to share this little story with you on a very important day in my life.


P.S. – If you would like to see a mustache photo, please click on this link http://www.st-catharines-real-estate.com/news_humour.html, and scroll down the page to ‘Which Timothy Sold Your Home?’

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