Real Estate Numbers for October 2020 are in…

…and it’s another record breaking month!!

October seemed to blow by in more ways than one! We continued to have amazing weather and a few windy storms. As we rake up the leaves and prepare our homes for winter it is always good to take a break and do a little light reading.

The wind is still in the sails of the real estate market as evident by the steadily increasing statistics.
What happened in real estate? What did the market look like? And how did we do compared to October of last year??
When we compare the stats for the Niagara Region to last year, we can see a 39% increase in the number of sales AND a price increase of 18%!
Considering the fact that we are still dealing with a COVID-19 crisis, the real estate market remains strong!
The real estate industry has done an amazing job making the showing of homes safe with guidelines regarding mask use, cleaning and protocols to reassure both the seller and buyer that we have their health and safety in mind.
Have a look at the stats below. The first one is of the Niagara Region, the rest are a quick overview of each town/city.
If you have been wanting to contact us but are concerned about the impact of COVID-19, please know that we are doing all we can to keep our clients safe. All of our services can be provided in person or virtually. Just call me to find out more!!

Let’s look at some numbers!!


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