grape-and-wine-festival.jpgThe Grape and Wine Festival is taking place September 16th to 25th.

This annual 10 day event features many of the world class Niagara wineries proudly showcasing their vintage along with several local culinary establishments.

In addition to great food and wine, the Grape and Wine Festival is filled with excellent entertainment programming.

wine-parade.jpgMusical bands filling this weekend in Niagara include Tell Tommy, The Caverners – A Tribute to the Beatles, The Smoothies, Soul Jam, 351 Cleveland, Live Bait and Desire – A Tribute to U2.

The flagship event of the Niagara Wine Festival is the Niagara Wine Festival Grande Parade.

Guests enjoy the colour and pageantry of one of North America’s foremost street parades. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Our Diamond Harvest.” The Grande Parade has united our community for the past 60 years!

For more information on scheduled events:

Grape and Wine Parade Route 2011
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