Valentine’s and Family Days are here again!

A year ago we felt so fortunate to have a weekend to spend quality time with our loved ones. This year, the global pandemic continues to redefine how we celebrate and share time with our friends and family. Over the past year, I am sure many of us have spent more time with our family than we ever imagined possible. All of this together-time resulting from the global pandemic and various stay-at-home orders can put a strain on even the closest families!


This is a great time to take a step away from on-line meetings and learning and working from home. Turn off your screens and spend some time noticing the best parts of those you love. Go for a walk, cook together, play a game and remember to share why those you love mean so much to you. It is easy to take those we love for granted, especially when we are spending nearly every waking moment with them!

I wish you continued joy as you find new and wonderful ways to show those around you how much they mean to you.


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