St. Patrick’s Day, recognized each year on March 17th, honours St. Patrick.  He was born in Wales,  believed to be in the year 385 AD and died in 461 AD at the age of 76.  He studied religion to become a priest and then went to Ireland to spread the teachings of Christianity.  Since his death people have long celebrated his accomplishments by celebrating Irish culture.  Although there are many stories about St. Patrick, some are not true.   The most famous legend is that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland.  This didn’t happen, but the Irish will tell you it did since you can not find a snake in the whole country of Ireland!

On this celebrative day, people wear ‘green’ in memory of Ireland and wear shamrocks, the three or four leaf clover, as a sign for good luck.  This St. Patrick’s Day, why not keep the spirit of the Irish with you by wearing the green, and showing off a few shamrocks for luck.  Everybody enjoys having a little pot of gold filled with golden wrapped chocolate or making an Irish drink with a hint of green.  If you do a little brainstorming, you are bound to come up with some wonderful St. Patrick’s Day ideas to make the day special!   And remember – never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don’t want to press your luck!

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