It is starting to warm up and signs of spring are everywhere! Crocuses and daffodils are blooming, the grass is beginning to grow and the days are getting longer.

It just might be time to get out the golf clubs!


Easter 2021 – Another Covid Modified Holiday!


Last Easter, as we cancelled the usual easter traditions, I would never have guessed that we would be celebrating another Easter Weekend under strict COVID protocols. Many of the usual celebrations and Easer Egg Hunts have been cancelled, however some creative people have come up with ways to safely create new versions of long held traditions.

Check out this Link to 2021 Easter in Niagara!



Why Does the Date of Easter Change Every Year?

Easter, also called Resurrection Day and Pascha, is a Christian holiday celebrating Jesus Christ returning from the dead. Christians believe that it is the holiest day in the year. Some people who are not Christians celebrate it as a cultural holiday.


Easter is not held on the same date every year. This is called a moveable feast. Currently all Christian churches agree on how the date is calculated. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon which is on or after March 21st. This means it is celebrated in March or April.


Here is a Link to Everything Easter on Wikipedia!



I hope you enjoy this Easter long weekend!!

Stay Safe,


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