These last two years we have heard the phrase ‘we are all in this together’ many times and I would like to add that it also applies to taking care of our planet!
After all, this is our world, this is where we live. And a beautiful world it is!! You may wonder how Real Estate and Earth conservation are connected.
They certainly can be! How? Let me share some interesting tips with you!


Give your old items a second chance!

Moving always requires packing up and sorting through all your belongings.

Oftentimes, furniture is left at the curb for our garbage collectors to pick up.

This means stuff will end up as landfill, while a lot of things we consider no longer useful, could serve a purpose for someone else!

When you are moving, or buying new furniture, lamps, curtains, etc, consider contacting the Niagara Furniture Bank.

They help those who are (temporarily) experiencing hardship. Your furniture and household items may be helping them out!

Recycling is always better than landfill. Visit their WEBSITE for more information!

Sustainability in your home and garden!

There is also a lot you can do in your home to save the environment.

Some of it you may already be doing, but perhaps

THIS ARTICLE can give you some more ideas on how to save the environment and your money at the same time!

HERE is another great page with lots of tips on how to be a wiser consumer and home owner!





Garden tips.

Consider updating your garden, making it more eco-friendly.

There are several ways you might be able to do this.

If you are getting ready to replace a deck, perhaps choose different materials for building.

Consider recycling materials.

THIS WEBSITE offers 13 great ideas!





Bee good to our bees!

An important visitor in our gardens, is the Bee.

We know that bees play a key role in our eco system and that they have been struggling for years.

There are ways we can help these little guys and I would like to share two ideas with you!

Consider adding a BEE BATH to your garden. It is very easy to make yourself and the bees will benefit greatly from it!






Make the bees feel at home in  your yard!

Another great thing to have is a BEE HOTEL!

It is important to do it right though! You can easily enough create one yourself or even buy a bee hotel.

But make sure to read up on it because the wrong kind can do more harm than good.

If you invest a little bit of time, you can be a bee hotel expert and help our bee population.





And of course…. I am here for you regarding everything Real Estate!

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  • Thinking about listing or buying?
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Text or call me! I am here for you!



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