The Grape and Wine Festival will take place from September 18th to 27th.

wine_festival.jpgThis annual 10 day event features many of the world class Niagara wineries proudly showcasing their vintage along with several local culinary establishments.

In addition to great food and wine, the Grape and Wine Festival is filled with excellent entertainment programming.

Over the years many high profile entertainers have taken the center stage at Montebello Park where the main activities are held.

Some of this year’s Grape and Wine Festival attractions will be:

Crash Parallel
Faber Drive
Sarah Slean
The Wheat Kings
The Philosopher Kings
The Caverners
And many more…

Don’t forget the Post Parade show on September 27th @ 2:00pm, featuring Ryson’s rock ‘n roll student band, the Golden Hammers, with Natalie Vurro on vocals. These kids are really terrific and worth catching.

For full information and to view scheduled events, please visit their website.

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