Hey Bloggers – Fire guy Newsletter cautioning us regarding the safety and care of your Christmas Trees.

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO ~ It’s unbelievable and how quickly things can go wrong in less than 5 seconds!!


xmastree7.gifA Christmas tree is one of the special joys of Christmas. Some artificial trees manufactured to-day are fireproof, but a real tree that you cut down on your own or purchase from a woodlot is a fire hazard, particularly after it has dried out for a week or so in the house.

Tests have shown that a balsam, spruce or pine Christmas tree of average living room size can become a raging torch and be reduced to ashes in less than 20 seconds.

See video on the dangers of a dry tree: Christmas Tree Fire

If using a natural tree, here are some precautions that can be taken to help ensure that your holiday memories remain special.

Use a fresh green tree, not one that has dried out through weeks of storage. A tree can be tested for freshness by rubbing the branches with your hand or by tapping the base of the tree on the ground. If the needles fall off or can be easily pulled off, then the tree is too dry.

Keep the tree outside, preferably under shade until you are ready to use it. Stand the stump in snow or water to maintain the moisture content.

Before bringing the tree inside the house, re-cut the butt diagonally so that it can absorb water, and mount it securely in a large reservoir stand, tub or bucket so that it won’t tip over.

Always keep the exposed cut of the tree trunk immersed in water to prevent the tree from drying out. Check the water level daily and add more as required.

Don’t put a tree, whether natural or artificial, near curtains, candles, a fireplace, heating vent, radiator, television set or other sources of heat. Never block exits with your tree.

If decorating your tree with lights, use only electrical products and extension cords that bear the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) mark. This is your assurance that such products have been tested for safety against fire and shock. Only use lights that have been designed for indoor use.

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