Bloggers, I receive an e-mail from The Fire Guy about once every 2 months or so – some great tips over the years. This issue talks about Carbon Monoxide Detectors. They’re not mandatory, just smart! Please take a read.

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Carbon monoxide alarms are not mandatory in all areas – it’s just smart!

Only carbon monoxide alarms bearing the new Canadian Standards Association ULC/CGA-6.19 standard are recommended by the Carbon Monoxide Awareness Committee. The unit may also have a battery back-up.

At least one CO alarm should be installed adjacent to the sleeping area of your home. You may need more than one CO alarm if sleeping areas are located on different levels. And remember to test the unit every month.

Please refer to the manufacturers instructions for details about installation, proper use and maintenance.

The use of CO alarms that meet these standards can warn you about sudden failures of fuel-burning appliances and are a good second line of defense against CO exposure in you home, cottage and recreational vehicle.

The best way to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning is to ensure all appliances are well serviced and maintained. Have your furnace and chimney serviced regularly. Don’t leave automobiles running in the garage, use barbecues outside only, and operate all gas powered equipment outdoors, in well ventilated areas. CO alarms are not a substitute for maintenance by a qualified technician, and safe use of this equipment can help prevent a carbon monoxide hazard.

Some of the municipalities that have passed By-laws calling for the installation of CO Detectors are:

City of Toronto, City of Brampton, City of Vaughan, Town of Georgina, Town of Richmond Hill, Town of Newmarket, Town of Markham, Town of Orangeville, Town of Pickering, City of Oshawa and the City of Mississauga

Please check with your local By-law Department.


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