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h2h-logo-2.gifHere’s another great cause!!

Heart to Heart is always looking for shoes, especially for kids. See the information below and, if you can help, please contact Mara at marasb@cogeco.ca or 905-327-0088



Hi Tim:

Thank you for offering to spread the word about Heart to Heart Africa and what we are doing!  If anyone has shoes (especially children’s shoes) I would be happy to go and pick them up!

Here is some background info on H2H.  The attached photos are of the shoes being cleaned/washed before they are sent over.  The photos below are of the shoes being sorted in Kitonga and on the students at the village school (WITH their new shoes)



Background info:

Heart to Heart Africa is a Niagara-based, non-profit organization with the goal of bringing a better life to the people, and specifically the children, of disadvantaged, rural African communities.  While the focus of Heart to Heart Africa is that of education, several other elements including nutrition, health and clothing needs, must also be addressed in order to make the overall effort a success.

Heart to Heart Africa has already filled and funded the shipping of  2 containers full of school books, supplies, clothing and building materials. Over the past several years, Christine Nimeth, founder of Heart to Heart Africa, has visited Tanzania several times and has successfully helped to build and outfit a school, a library (built out of a shipping container), a community centre and is currently in the process of having a well built for the community of Kitonga.

Heart to Heart Africa also developed and implemented a “volunteer training program” for young people who are interested in giving their time in Africa and other third world countries.  The program is taught over several weeks and includes training in areas such as travel and medical preparedness, safety, racial acceptance and geology (to help with well construction).

My specific role with Heart to Heart Africa is collect and refurbish gently used footwear.  To date, several hundred pairs of shoes have been distributed throughout the Kitonga area, but because footwear is all but non-existent in rural Africa, the need is never ending!  I am always looking for any casual footwear —(running shoes, sandals, flip flops, loafers, work boots) and especially in children’s sizes!




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