Buyer - Turl Testimonial

We were thrilled to have Lisa as our realtor, assisting us in finding our final home.  As a retired Navy couple, we have moved many times and now don’t plan to move again.  Lisa quickly picked up on our requirements and kept us focused.  There were some tense and anxious moments, but we were optimistic.  We believe we found “the right house at the right price in the right place.”  It was a joy being with Lisa as she patiently guided us along this adventure.  We will always be grateful to the great folks at the Salisbury Team for all their support.  Not that I want any of my friends or family moving to St. Catharines, (!!) but if they persist, we will insist they use the services of the Salisbury Team.

Many thanks, Nigel and Sandra Turl (Monty the Shih Tzu enjoyed the adventure too!)