Clients Who Have Referred Us

We would like to thank the following individuals for their incredible support of The Salisbury Team. A referral from our clients is the highest form of praise and we very much appreciate the votes of confidence:

*Star indicates multiple referrals

 Jim and Sherry Keast
Kit and Shirley Lefroy
Lee Salter and Celena Stackwood
Melissa Faye*
James Reidy and Aliya Turner
James Bell and Trish Gomez
Jamie Asma and Laurie Engeland*
Margaret Broderick*
Steve Chelmicki
Marc & Cheryl Giroux*
Linda Morlog*
Kevin and Eva Berswick*
Erick & Rosa Benetiz*
Dennis & Harriet McLoughlin*
Jason & Amanda Berg*
Kevin & Stephanie Hicks*
Stu Burns & Cindy Chudyk
Chris & Coralene Loewen*
Paul & Jill Croteau*
Matt Cuthbert*
Don & Cheryl Dillon
Steven & Lynn Doughty*
Rich Eckhardt*
Sue Danychuk*
Shari Waud
Tracy Haley*
Dave Holt*
Kris Hoy and Laura O’Hagan
Paul & Janet Krowchuk*
Lori & Al Marsh
Rick & Linda Merrick
Ted Mouradian*
John and Brenda Sawyers*
Mark Richardson*
Ernie Sibbett & Carolyn Robertson*
Mike & Sue Ukroenz
Cindy & Larry Vail*
Jeff & April Vanyo
Dominique Walvius and Rick Wall*
Chris Woodhouse*
Norrie and Leslie McLeod