Time for some Real Estate numbers!

Let’s talk about the Real Estate Market!
Here are the numbers for July 2018 versus July 2017.

What do we see from these numbers?
When comparing the numbers of both years for July, we can see a decrease of 5.7% in sales compared to last year.
The average days on the market have increased by 38%, from 26 to 36 in 2018.
However, there is a noticeable 6.6% increase in the average sale price.
These recent stats show that we are still in a seller’s market if priced right but the buyers do have a better selection.

As always, any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Market Report May 2018 VS May 2017

Here are the numbers for May 2018 verses May 2017.
What do you see?
Last month we saw how the numbers in 2018 are significantly lower than those in 2017.

This trend continues through May 2018 VS May 2017.
Average Sale Price in 33% of the areas are actually down from 2017!
Houses are taking approximately 75% longer to sell ( D.O.M – Days on market) and the number of sales overall are approximately down 18.5%.
As always, any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!