Selling Your Home

Selecting a Home Stager

In one moment, the idea has entered your mind to sell your house. In the next, you realize how much needs to be done to accomplish this. How will you find the right Realtor®? When will the house be ready? How much is your house worth? What will you do to get your...

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The 3 Steps to SOLD!

1. The Consultation - Staging Spaces will walk through your house, completing a unique handbook room by room. You are left with the handbook which details all recommendations required to prepare your house for sale. Before photographs are taken of each room so we can...

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Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Detach your emotions Remember, you are about to sell this house and the goal is to create a space in which as many people as possible will be able to envision as their potential home.  To properly prepare your home for sale you will have to pack away many of your...

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