The Masters 2017 Contest!

It’s time for another contest with golfers getting ready to tee off at The Masters 2017 at Augusta National Golf Course, April 6th to 9th! 

Why not add some fun to the Master’s Tournament this spring by entering the Salisbury Masters Golf Contest today!  Just go to Comments and tell us who you think will win The Masters and why.  You could be the WINNER!

If you don’t know anything about golf or the players, check out the links in the email newsletter to easily educate yourself.  Vote now or wait for your last chance to enter which is at the start of the 2nd round on Friday.  If there is more than one winner, a draw will take place for the prize. The winner will be announced early next week.

Good Luck!


  1. This year’s winner of the Green jacket is Rory McIlroy. He is ready to conquer Augusta National.

    Is it true that Timothy is taking his Clients to the 2018 Masters?

  2. I’m going to pick Hideki Matsuyama, just have a hunch.

  3. Roger Coutu says:

    Hi Timothy,

    Rory McIlroy will take home the green jacket this year. He is due.

  4. I’m picking Thomas pieters my father in law says it will be a new guy this year.

  5. Steve Goertz says:

    Hey Tim, have to go with the lefty again – Phil Mickelson….having a good year…experienced

  6. Ian Gollert says:

    Justin Rose. Great major player who is due.

  7. ANGELKO REZO says:

    Phil MIckelson gets my vote.

  8. Todd Anderson says:

    Lee Westwood is definitely due! probably over due!

  9. timothy salisbury says:

    Well nobody won this year and nobody was even close!! Adding another prize for the next Salisbury contest!
    Until then

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