2017 Superbowl Contest!

Enter the Superbowl Contest!

Superbowl The Super Bowl is happening on Sunday, February 5th at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Enter the Salisbury Team Super Bowl Contest to WIN a great dining experience in the Niagara Region.  Go to COMMENT above, click and leave your entry.

Join in on the fun and tell us which Team – Atlanta Falcons or the New England Patriots – you think will win the Super Bowl and why.

If there is more than one winner, a draw will be held. Winners will be announced in the Valentine’s newsletter.

Don’t delay – Deadline for entry is Sunday, February 5th at 6 PM!

Good Luck!


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  1. timothy salisbury says:

    Another year, another Super Bowl!!
    Can the New England Patriots really be stopped? I don’t think so. Brady will be Brady and pick apart a very good and quick defense.
    Matt Ryan of the Falcons is simply unproven and will be tested and tested often in this game.
    Patriots win this game 39-27
    Enjoy the game everybody!
    Timothy Salisbury

  2. Roger Coutu says:


    My favorite contest of the year!

    Falcons win 34 – 28. Matt Ryan wins MVP too.

  3. Steve Chelmicki says:

    New England wins in a close one 34-31

  4. Allison Clarke says:

    This is the year Brady and his boys will be stopped. The Pats has been my team for many years but this year, well I think the Falcons will pull off an upset. The Falcons by 7.
    Enjoy the game Timothy.

    Remember tell your friends to “Do not drink and drive”


  5. Audrey Dancy says:

    I am picking Atlanta because I believe in miracles 😇

  6. Garvin Cole says:

    Matt Ryan of the Falcons is simply unproven and will be tested and tested often in this game – and will get top marks and lead the Falcons to VICTORY!

    Sorry Tim, your Patriots will tank and slink home defeated!

    Falcons win 21-17.


  7. HAROLD BURNS says:

    Brady and Patriots 40-27. Experiance will win

  8. Steve Goertz says:

    Gotta go with the Pats 34 – 10….Consistency and various types of balls Timmy…


  9. Tom McAnulty says:

    The Patriot will be the winners bearing in mind they are the team with the smallest balls in the sport. (Deflategate 2016). In fact I want the officials to be handling Brady’s balls personally. The patriots have justified cheating in the past as necessary to win, which I don’t agree with but acknowledge, as other teams have done the same. WHile I would like to see the Falcons win, I don’t think they have the experience to pull it off. Patriots take it 33-23

  10. Ernie Sibbett says:

    Atlanta all the way
    38 to 20
    Vip of the game and year
    Ryan made Green Bay look old and slow
    He’ll do the same again

  11. New England and Tom Brady can do it, I think…21 – 17

  12. Angelko Rezo says:

    Atlanta Falcons 35 New England Patriots 24. NFC’s turn to win.

  13. It’ll be a high scoring affair and hopefully a very exciting one too. Falcons will prevail 36-35

  14. Wayne Myers says:

    I am a Pats fan all the way, but having said that this game will be a tough one to call as Ryan and the Falcons have shown they can play in the big league. For me it is New England 35, Atlanta 30.

  15. Tom Ferguson says:

    The Falcon’s win for no other reason than New England are all just a bunch of “patsy’s”… …

  16. Dave Dailly says:

    I’m predicting a great offensive and defensive battle this year. We’re in for quite a game. Belichick has offensive juggernauts and defensive powers, he’s got a carousel of linemen and receivers and defensive players, including more than a few unknowns that he rescued off the scrap heap and turned into serviceable players. This is Dan Quinn’s first Superbowl but let’s not forget his time with the Seahawks as a defensive coordinator. I think he will have some surprises of his own for the Patriots. I’m going with the Patriots winning….38 to 35.
    Dave Dailly

  17. Dennis J McLoughlin says:

    Atlanta only because closer to home. Maybe more of their fans there. 36-29

    Dennis McLoughlin

  18. Dave Fast says:

    Atlanta should win . Brady is getting old and the Atlanta offence should outscore the Patriots.
    Should be a wild west shoot out. Also Patriots beat my favourite Steelers, so it would be pay back.

    Falcons 38 – Patriots 27

  19. I believe that the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl this year. Being a team that advanced to the Super Bowl for the 9th time last year and have won it four times, they definitely have a pretty good chance of doing it again. Lets go Patriots 🙂

  20. Brady does it again. New England 37 the falcons 34

  21. Tom Tuckwell says:

    Patriots 28 – 17. Brady MVP.

  22. myron parzei says:

    Atlanta Falcons…and they will come from behind to win it!

    • timothy salisbury says:

      Myron, you think Ryan is good enough to come from behind, he’s never been proven and especially in such a big game like this. I just hope its a good game.

  23. Brenda Dolha says:

    Atlanta for the win by 3 points. That is a Dolha family declaration!

  24. Sue Edwards says:

    Hey Tim.
    Gotta go with my fave team Patriots. I also will volunteer to handle Brady’s balls personally, just to prove no cheating when they win. Pats win 31 – 23

  25. Glen Muir says:

    If the Pats win today, this will be Tom Brady’s record 5th Superbowl victory. He already has the most SB appearances of all time at 7. If he wins, will he be considered the greatest QB of all time? I would say so and I have seen most of the greats. The only thing that Belichik can’t seem to stop is an incredible pass rush ( 2 losses to the Giants). Atlanta does not have that. Hopefully Matt Ryan has a great game but I believe that Pats will win 38-34 thereby covering the spread and the over.

  26. timothy salisbury says:

    What a game. Another Super Bowl classic! Brady is hands down the best QB of all time and I don’t think he is finished. Reports says he wants to play another 3-5 years! As a Bills fan, this doesn’t make me very happy.
    Everybody who picked New England went into my favourite Buffalo Sabres hat and this year, the 2017 winner is Harold Burns!
    Congrats Harold!
    Until next year everybody!

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