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cfl-footballThe CFL Grey Cup game is happening on Sunday, November 27th at the BMO Field in Toronto at 6:30 PM EST.  The Ottawa Red Blacks play against the Calgary Stampeders.  We invite you to enter the Salisbury Team GREY CUP Contest and you could WIN a Gift Certificate!

Just click on Timothy’s Blog and tell us which team you think will win the Grey Cup and why.

If there is more than one winner, a draw will be held. Winners will be announced in the Christmas newsletter.

Don’t delay – Deadline for entry is Sunday, November 27th at 6:30 PM!

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  1. Garvin Cole says:

    Calgary takes it in a nail-biter finish.

  2. Kevin VanLeeuwen says:

    Calgary wins it easily 35 – 22. You don’t mess with someone with the name Bo Levi. He’ll be stomping a mud hole in the Ottawa team renaming them the Ottawa Redblacks and Blues

  3. Don Cruikshank says:

    Ottawa will be the winner because I’m a long suffering fan.

  4. Mark Belchior says:

    Ottawa why not,and you have to love that name

  5. Steve Blades Goertz says:

    Calgary Stamps all the way 53-6…
    Red Blacks….really?

  6. Angelko Rezo says:

    Calgary wins 45-21

  7. Todd Anderson says:

    Calgary 34-22. Calgary is playing some really good football and the East teams have not been able to compete with them all year.

  8. Calgary wins 38-35

  9. Rusty Brown says:

    Ottawa wins 32 – 27 😃

  10. Sue Edwards says:

    Ottawa to win 31 – 27 don’t know anything about Canadian football sorry..

  11. David Dailly says:

    I finally have my computer back so I can give you all my prediction for the 2016 Grey Cup. Calgary is too strong this year to lose. My best guess is Calgary 36 and Ottawa 24.

  12. Mary jane Rose says:

    Calgary for the win 28-24. Thought I commented but I didn’t see it on the blog. O well good luck!

  13. Brenda Dolha says:

    I’m going with Calgary, by 17 points. I like what KvL says!

  14. Tom Ferguson says:

    Honestly, the “red blacks”? They are only missing the colour blue to describe how they will be feeling and looking once the stamp, “stampede” all over their Greycup dreams! Stams win it easily, 42-26…. Let the rodeo begin!
    Ps- most people seem to have not included the “why” part of who will wiln. Lol.

  15. timothy salisbury says:

    What a Grey Cup finish! Only 5 people picked the Ottawa Redblacks to win. The winner this year of the 2016 Grey Cup Salisbury Contest is Mark Belchior!
    Congrats Mark!.
    Until next time everyone!

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