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The Super Bowl is happening on Sunday, February 7th at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.  Enter the Salisbury Team Super Bowl Contest to WIN a Gift Certificate!

Join in on the fun and leave a comment.  Tell us which team you think will win the Super Bowl and why.

If there is more than one winner, a draw will be held. Winners will be announced in the Valentine’s newsletter.

Don’t delay – Deadline for entry is Sunday, February 7th at 6 PM !

Good Luck!


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  1. Mary Jane Rose says:

    Well Tim, I love playing your Super Bowl contest, but it is long over due for me to win. I was so close with the Grey cup scores I could taste my steak at the Keg. You had to put our names in a hat! Ok so here it goes, I pick Carolina 35 and Denver 21. I truly value your real estate experience but you have to really have to value someone who really does not know a heck a lot about football and makes such great picks for the win. Happy 50th Super Bowl! And may the best score win!

  2. I’m cheering for the underdog Denver. Although I cheer for the Browns regularly…it doesn’t seem to help them LOL

  3. Roger Coutu says:


    I look forward to this contest every year. Carolina 31 Broncos 28. Newton will be going to Disney. Should be a great game and down to a field goal to win it. That’s what my crystal ball sees it.

  4. Peter Collinson says:

    I am upset that the SeaHawks did not make the Final this year. However, having said that, I do feel that it is Carolina’s year to win, as they played so well this year. As a guess at the score – Carolina 38 Denver 31. It would so great to have a chance to eat some delicious steak at The Keg lol !!

  5. Michael Callihoo says:

    It’s the Panthers year, 35-24.

  6. Dave Fast says:

    CAROLINA will win by 10. Peyton will not be able to handle or figure out the Panther defence.

  7. Carolina 27-13, because I really like fig Newtons. That being said, I would love to see the Broncos win and see Peyton Manning retire on top, like Broncos folklore in a Ellway-esk way. Manning’s 40 year young body can’t take another beating like he did this year and will retire win or lose.

  8. BTW, love the new look, Tim. Almost didn’t recognize you in some of your photos. Keep up the good work and thanks for having these fun contests. T

  9. Kevin VanLeeuwen says:

    What do you call a Denver Broncos player holding a bottle of champagne?????

    A waiter.

    Prediction: Carolina wins 35 – 17

  10. Steve Chelmicki says:

    Denver 34-28,
    i’m going with Denver because their colors give me feel good memories of being at Hooter’s on lundy’s lane.

  11. Dean Jenkins says:

    Panthers 35 Denver 17

    Thats just the way it is…

    Dean Jenkins

  12. Dean Jenkins says:

    Adjustment … I see this is taken
    Panthers 35 Denver 20

    Thats the way it is with a little adjustment..
    Dean Jenkins

  13. Dave – Broncos 34 and Carolina 31 is my prediction.

  14. I’m going with Denver win 35 – 27 Peyton’s year to win and then retire if he does…

  15. Carolina 31 Denver 17. Cam just to strong this year.

  16. Don Cruikshank says:

    Hi Tim, Martha and I have good friends who live within a short distance of the Panthers home stadium, so we had better side with Carolina over Denver, 31-23

  17. Andrew McGrath says:

    It’d be nice to see Peyton win on his “last rodeo”, but just don’t think they have the offence to pull it off. Carolina wins it this year, 31 – 17.

  18. Definitely the Panthers… unstoppable all season. Sorry Payton no swan song for you in what should be your last year.
    Panthers 35-21

  19. Jeff Vanyo says:

    Tough one this year, I’m going to go with Carolina 34 to 10 over Mr. Manning. I would like to see Peyton go out in style but I don’t think its going to go his way. Cheers to a great Superbowl weekend!

  20. Michelle Cuthbert says:

    Okay, so I know NOTHING about football but I LOVE a good contest. The Sportsnet highlights my husband makes me watch provides me with some knowledge, but only on ‘top news’ so of course I know who Peyton Manning is, but I know nothing about the Carolina Panthers. In my mind, the Panthers are the underdogs and I LOVE a good underdog story. So, my pick is The Panthers. I also know nothing about football scores so I am going to say that they win with a score of 25 (our house number!) to the Broncos a score of 7 (my house number growing up).

  21. Hmmmm I don’t like The Panthers logo…and I have never liked Peyton but in this case he probably needs a sendoff ring. So Broncos at 35-28.

  22. OK, since everyone is going with Carolina, I’ll go with Denver by 7. A real stretch, but time for some fun! Go Broncos!!!

  23. Steve Goertz says:

    Tim, Got to go with the underdogs Broncos 31 over Carolina 21. The last hurrah for Manning perhaps…?


  24. John Fraser says:

    Carolina 30 Broncos 18

  25. Hi Tim this is my first time picking a team. So I think it’s going to be Caroline 31-24 or 27-24

  26. Dean Jenkins says:

    Dean Jenkins
    Panthers 27 Denver 24
    Panthers will eat them up…

  27. Congrats to everyone who played this year’s Super Bowl Contest!!
    Well only 7 people guessed the winning team, the Denver Broncos but nobody was close in the final score. In the hat all these 7 clients went and the lucky winner is……Gillian Morris!!
    Congrats Gillian!
    thanks to all who played.

  28. Thanks Tim! I guess I’m going to have to check your blog more often! And congrats to all the Peyton-believers!

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