CFL Grey Cup 2015

The CFL Grey Cup game is happening on Sunday, November 29th at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg, Manitoba at 6 PM EST.  The Ottawa Red Blacks play against the Edmonton Eskimos.  We invite you to enter the Salisbury Team GREY CUP Contest and you could WIN a Dinner Gift Certificate to a local restaurant!

Just add a comment to tell us which team you think will win the Grey Cup and why.

If there is more than one winner, a draw will be held. Winners will be announced in the Christmas newsletter.

Don’t delay – Deadline for entry is Sunday, November 29th at 6 PM ! 

Good Luck!



Edmonton Eskimos

Ottawa RedBlacks


  1. karen morgan says:

    the ottawa red blacks will win, just a feeling i got as i don’t know alot about the teams

  2. Garry Hall says:

    Ottawa should win this one

  3. Ottawa Redblacks in a close one, 28-27. Hank’s got one more in the Tank.

  4. Peter Collinson says:

    Ottawa. Do not follow Canadian Football very much, but I do know that this is their first Grey Cup, so good luck to them – possible score 35-28.

  5. I will be betting on the Eskimos. But Tim, I have a uestion for you: when are you gonna get a haircut and a real job? ?

  6. I will be betting on the Eskimos. But Tim, I have a question for you: when are you gonna get a haircut and a real job? ?

    • HaHa! One day I’m sure Brenda, one day for sure!
      PS: You have no chance of winning now after that comment 😉

  7. Angelko Rezo says:

    Eskimos win 25-17 because defence wins championships.

  8. Steve Goertz says:

    Got to go with the West – The Eskies have been on a role and can run the ball….31-14

  9. Mary Jane Rose says:

    Eskimos for the win!! And keep the hair, as you can see it makes a statement!!!

  10. David Hurst says:

    So I checked the past games since 1909 and took the average score 23-11, factored in the expected temperatures in Winnipeg tomorrow (-2 deg C) versus the temperatures in Ottawa (1 deg C), coupled with what I know about Canadian football (fx=1/x) and came up with Eskies 23, Redblacks 7.

  11. I think the Eskimos 37-32.

  12. Steve Chelmicki says:

    Edmonton, 37-34…. should be a close game. don’t cut your hair, its your trademark.

  13. Andrew McGrath says:

    I’d love to see Hank win another, but I’m going to go with the Eskies, 27-18.
    I’m not a huge CFL fan, but I did see that they have a new slogan, “What We’re Made Of” … I still think they should go with the simple, yet eloquent, “Our Balls Are Bigger”

  14. Audrey Dancy says:

    I am picking the Red Blacks because their name is so ridiculous!! I figure it’s like a “boy named Sue”…with such a silly name it must have made them tougher and harder to beat. I don’t know what is worse…the name RedBlacks or having two teams in the same league called the Roughriders.

  15. John Fraser says:

    Edmonton to win 34-24.

  16. Michael Callihoo says:

    Eskimos 37, Ottawa 29

  17. Janet Krowchuk says:

    I like Andrew’s ‘Our Balls ARe Bigger’ campaign,,,,,,, with that being said, I think there will be shrinkage ,,, it’s cold in Winnipeg 🙂
    Eskies 24 – Reds 17

  18. Joseph D'ANDREA says:

    Double E all the way
    Edmonton Eskimos

  19. Dennis McLoughlin says:

    Ok Argos to win!!! (ooops that is for next year I guess) For this year let’s go with Edminton by 8 points.

  20. Kevin VanLeeuwen says:

    Edmonton 37 – 28

  21. Ottawa to win 27 -16 thanks Tim

  22. Garry Hall says:

    Ottawa 28-16 to win!

  23. Ernie Sibbett says:

    Edmonton will be victorious
    Don’t get your haircut
    You’d have to get all new signs

  24. Edmonton is going to be victorious 40-20. Don’t cut your hair, because if you do, you will have to get all new signs!

  25. Carolyn Robertson says:

    Obviously these teams have all of their talent in football skills – I can’t believe they are “Eskimos” and “RedBlacks”! I think history says Edmonton will win.

  26. What a game and a great effort by the East. Most people thought Edmonton was going to cruise to a easy victory.
    I entered all the names who voted for Edmonton and Andrew McGrath is not only the main contest winner but also had the funniest comment.
    Congrats Andrew!!

  27. Wayne Myers says:

    I’m going with Calgary as their stats are better. – Wayne Myers

  28. Ok, I am going with Ottawa for sure. Nice to see them back in the Grey Cup!

  29. Steve Chelmicki says:

    Calgary in a huge blowout over Ottawa.
    Stampedes 42-13

  30. Redblacks for the win today….it will be a back and forth game but Ottawa will win it…..if not it will look like Ottawa will become the Bills of the 90’s, always the bridesmaid

  31. Ottawa for sure

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