pumpkinEnjoy the long weekend eating turkey with your family and friends! May it be a great celebration!





turkeyEven though we may stuff ourselves at the dinner table, celebrating Thanksgiving can actually make us healthier judging by recent research. Studies have shown that being thankful improves our physical and emotional health. Holding on to feelings of thankfulness boosts our immune system and increases blood supply to our heart. Daily guided exercises or the habit of keeping a weekly gratitude journal can increase our alertness, enthusiasm and energy, and improve our sleep. People who describe themselves as feeling grateful tend to suffer less stress and depression than the rest of the population.

For all its benefits, gratitude doesn’t come naturally to us. As North Americans, we have been given a lot and take a lot for granted. We live in a culture that encourages us to act on the basis of how we feel. But when we focus on our blessings rather than on our worries, it’s easier to keep our problems and concerns in the right perspective.

thankfulCultivating a spirit of thankfulness helps to strengthen our relationships with other people. We can’t be in a right relationship with anyone without a spirit of thankfulness. No matter what problems we’re struggling with, always remember to be thankful for your circumstances. It will help to improve your physical and emotional health in the end.



hammondsWe are so pleased that we chose Timothy to sell our home. He was so easy to talk to. He knew what we expected and he worked hard and fast to help us reach our goal. We would highly recommend you choose Tim if you want to sell your home.

Thanks again Tim,
Connie & Bruce Hammond

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