Happy Canada Day!  Hope you enjoy a great long weekend!

The next Salisbury Contest will be the week of July 14th for ‘The Open Championship’.  It’s being played at  the Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake, England this year. Start doing your homework, here is the link –

True Facts About Canada

maple-leafDid you know….

  • that 31% of Canada’s land is taken up by forests?
  • 20% of the world’s fresh water is in Canada?
  • Canada has more lakes than all other countries combined?
  • 2.4 million caribou (reindeer) live in Canada?
  • 15,500 of the world’s 25,000 polar bears live in Canada?
  • 80% of all alcohol consumed in Canada is beer?
  • Canada has more doughnut shops per capita than anywhere else?
  • macaroni and cheese is the most purchased packaged food item in Canada?
  • in Saskatchewan, a ‘hoodie’ is called a ‘bunnyhug’?
  • boatingin 2014, the average Canadian is 40.6 years old?
  • it is illegal to have comics depicting criminal acts in Canada?
  • the correct number of points on the Canadian maple leaf is 11?
  • license plates in Nunavit and the Northwest Territories are shaped like polar bears?
  • Canada officially became its own country in 1982?

And lastly, if you have ever dreamed of an aquatic bathtub race, head to Nanaimo – it’s an annual July 1st event in Canada!

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