Superbowl ’48 Contest


We’re starting the year off with an opportunity for you to win the Salisbury Team Super Bowl Contest!  It’s Super Bowl 48 with the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks playing on Sunday February 2nd  – Kick off is 6:30 pm!

For all football fans or for those who just want to join in the fun, post your comment for the team you think will win Super Bowl 2014 and enter your guess of the final score.

The Grand Prize Winner will win a $100 Gift Certificate to Wildfire or the Keg.  Your choice!!  All entries must be submitted before the game starts on Sunday, February 2nd!  Good Luck!


  1. Seahawks for the win 28-7

  2. Steve Chelmicki says:

    UPSET…..Seahawks 24 Broncos 23

  3. Dave Dailly says:

    Bronco’s win 24 – 21 over the Seahawks. A lot will depend on the wind and weather conditions. It it’s windy Peyton will have to throw a lot of short passes, but I think Denver is a juggernaut this year.

  4. Roger Coutu says:

    Hi Tim,
    Can’t bet against Manning.
    Broncos 31 Seahawks 27

  5. Seahawks….23 -16

  6. Broncos 27-20

  7. Peter Collinson says:

    Seahawks 31-28

  8. Matthew Casucci says:

    Broncos take it 45 to 23


  10. John Fraser says:

    Broncos to win 34-24

  11. Andrew McGrath says:

    Broncos 31-20

  12. Broncos 24 seahawks 17

  13. Hawks 28 Bronco 24

  14. Broncos – 27
    Seahawks – 24

  15. Stephanie Hutchison says:

    Broncos – 27
    Seahawks – 17

  16. Broncos 31
    Seahawks 29

  17. Tom Tuckwell says:

    Bronco’s 38-24 – Manning MVP.

  18. Okay Tim, I’m going with Broncos, huge upset 34-23, but I won’t bet the house on it, lol!!!

  19. Walter Stewart says:

    Denver 35
    Seattle 24

  20. Brian Dell says:

    Manning will answer the call… Denver 31- Seattle 20

  21. Tom Mcanulty says:

    My completely uneducated pick is Seahawks 24 Bronco’s 22

  22. Angela Casucci says:

    Seattle is going to win and the score is going to be 34 Seattle-28 Denver

  23. Seattle 20 – Denver 16

  24. This is Peyton’s year – Bronco’s 34 and Seahawks 28

  25. I would like to see the Seahawks win as they got ripped off when they faced the Steelers in the Super Bowl. But I don’t see that happening. BRONCOS 35 SEAHAWKS 28

  26. I would hate to see the Broncos win since they eliminated my Chargers. Seahawks 27-Broncos 17

  27. Janet Krowchuk says:

    Seahawks, 28 ; Broncos 24 🙂
    probably not but I gotta go with the underdog 🙂 !!

  28. Sarah McGrath says:

    Broncos 31 .. Seahawks 24

  29. This may be the closest match up since Colts-Jets (Joe Namaths guaranteed win). The only thing New York’s missing is Rob Ford jaywalking in Times Square. My prediction: Peyton Manning wins a SuperBowl, Richard Sherman wins a TwitterBowl. Peyton Manning enters the Hall of Fame (bring your 5 MVP trophies!), Richard Sherman enters the Hall of Pete Carroll’s house (bring your umbrella!). 34-31 Broncos.

  30. mary jane rose says:

    Seahawks 31 Broncos26!!

  31. Seattle wins 30-28. Manning has experience and will get the job done. Also weather shouldn’t be a issue which favours Payton. Hope everyone enjoys the game and for the 1st time in many years, I’ll be watching it in Arizona.

  32. Well this year we had nobody who guessed the exact score but many clients who picked the Seahawks. I put all the names in my favourite Sabres hat who picked the Seahawks and came out with the name………………….Jim Anderson. Congrats Jim!!
    Let us know if you prefer The Keg or Wildfire Gift Certificate.
    thanks everyone for playing.

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