Salisbury Team Super Bowl Contest!

2013 begientertowinns with your chance to win the Salisbury Team Super Bowl Contest!  It’s Super Bowl 47 with the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens playing on Sunday, February 3 at 6:30 pm!

For all football fans or for those who just want to join in the fun, post your comment on my BLOG (link) for the team you think you will win the Super Bowl this year and your guess of the final score.

The Grand Prize Winner will have his/her choice of a night at a Buffalo Sabres game (pick you up at your door!) with Timothy or a $100 Gift Certificate to Wildfire or the Keg.  Your choice!!  All entries must be submitted before the game starts on Sunday!



  1. 49’ers win 31 – 14

  2. Michael Callihoo says:

    Niners 38 – Ravens 24, back in the big game!!

  3. Helen Lockyer says:

    Baltimore 34 San Francisco 24

  4. Janet Krowchuk says:

    49 ers win 42 -17 🙂

  5. Bill Downey says:

    RAVENS over the 49ers 38-28
    I will have my steak MEDIUM RARE thank you Timothy!!

  6. Bill Downey says:

    Many thanks for keeping us on your Mailing List after so many years
    Always good to hear from you and members of your team
    Bill and Joan Downey

  7. Catherine says:

    I have to pick the ’49ers. Way back when in Super Bowl XVI, i developed a huge crush on Joe Montana, been my team ever since…. score, lets go with 41-36.

  8. GreenBayJoe says:

    27-24 49er’s — both teams have great defences and Ray Lewis has been a huge difference-maker this post season but I think the Red & Gold will pull it out with a late field goal. I predict that the team with a head coach named Harbaugh wins!

  9. Sue Edwards says:

    Ravens win… 31 – 20 Ray Lewis going out on a major high!!!!.

  10. Baltimore 20, San Fransisco 17 ….and I wanna win both prizes….dinner and a hockey game with Timothy!! 😉

  11. Brian Dell says:

    Ravens go on to win! DEFENSE!!! Ravens 31 / 49rs 21….


  12. mary jane rose says:

    Ravens 27 49rs 24 !

  13. Hi Tim Im sayin RAVENS 37 49RS 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dave fast says:

    Niners31- Ravens 17

  15. I’m picking John over Jim 24 -17

  16. Ravens over San Fran 21-17

  17. 49ers 21 – 9

  18. Greg Miller says:

    49ers win, 37 to 17!

  19. Christine Thompson says:

    I’ll take San Fran 28- 25.

  20. 49ers 28 Ravens 26 – Everybody will now know the name Colin Kaepernick! Randy Moss will proclaim himself the undisputed greatest receiver of all time, Vernon Davis can retire happily and pursue his real passion – curling and the Harbaugh family will help us forget the Ryan family (not Matt). Last but not least, Ray Lewis will play a great game, become the mayor of Baltimore and dance into the hall of fame — and everybody’s happy.

  21. Ravens 23 over the 49ers 20

  22. Roger Coutu says:


    34 -30 Ravens. Ray Lewis the MVP

  23. Andrew McGrath says:

    49ers with a game winning field goal to win it 30-28.

  24. Tom Namestnik says:

    san fran will win 24 – 21

  25. Peter Collinson says:

    San Fran 38 Baltimore 24 is my guess !!!!

  26. John Fraser says:

    Baltimore 31 San Fran 24

  27. Neil Campbell says:

    I’ll take Baltimore…13-10

  28. Deb Jones says:

    Ravens 27 – 14. Can’t go for the 49ers since they beat my Falcons!!!

  29. ALAIN CRETE says:

    49 ER’S 48 – 23

  30. David Dailly says:

    Two highly defensive teams……’s gotta be a low scoring game. My pick is the Ravens 17 and San Fran 14. Here’s hoping we get a real good game. GO RAVENS!!!!

  31. Ravens win 17 – 13

  32. 49ers win 27 to 17

  33. Steve Goertz says:

    Blades is favouring the 49ers 24 over the Ravens 20

  34. Hey Tim… since it worked out so good for me last year I will take a stab at it this year…. San Fran 49’ers 36 – 22. Miss you down here dude!

  35. Ernie Sibbett says:

    It’s going to be Ravens 29, San Francisco 21. Rice has to run for the Ravens to win.

  36. Adam Bovine says:

    San Fran 38-24

  37. Sandro Bovine says:

    49ers 28-17

  38. Hey Timothy,
    I’m picking Ravens over San Fran 23-17.

  39. 49ers 41 to 27

  40. Ravens 24 – 21 49ers.

  41. Jack Bovine says:

    49ers 28
    Ravens 24
    Book it!!

  42. Well I see many comments and it’s not a land slide for one team or another. I just want another great Super Bowl and finish. The Ravens will make the half time adjustments necessary and Flacco will become the quarterback everybody thinks his is.
    Sorry 49er fans (especially Mike and Kris) but it won’t be pretty by the 4th quarter.
    Ravens 31 – San Fran 28
    Enjoy the game everybody!!

  43. Hope everyone enjoyed the Superbowl contest and more importantly the game itself. What a game!! 18 people guessed the Baltimore Ravens to win, included yours truly AND I think I made the MVP pick!
    The winner this year is Roger Coutu!! He picked the Ravens and had the closest score 34-30. It’s nice for Roger to win because he is a Leafs fan and could use some cheering up 🙂
    Congrats Once again Roger! Prize is a gift certificate to the Keg, Wildfire or to attend a Buffalo Sabres game with me.
    ## If anyone makes a comment in regards to a personal and or funny Superbowl story, we just might find a 2nd prize?
    Leave your comment below.
    Good Luck

  44. Janet Krowchuk says:

    Nothing to say except it was a great game even though my team didn’t win. This year I replaced my t shirt from the 49er’s SB win 17 years ago ! I can’t wait another 17 for a new shirt 🙁

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