Did you know that the average number of children per father around the world is 3.5%?  The country with the least children is Russia with 2.4 children per dad and the country with the most children is Malaysia with 3.8 children per dad.  And here is an interesting fact!  Men with the name Jose are most likely to be fathers and men with the name Ryan are most likely not to be fathers.  Studies have been done!

In Canada, Father’s Day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and fanfare. Since, the tradition of celebrating Fathers Day moved to Canada from the US, Fathers Day in Canada is celebrated on third Sunday of June. Traditionally people wear a red rose to symbolize their father is alive.  Likewise, a white rose means that the person’s father is no more.

Children in Canada express affection and honor for their dad by presenting them with cards and gifts, such as neckties, shirts, electronic gadgets, sports and stationery items. Father’s Day wishes are often extended to grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles or any other man who is as affectionate and loving toward them as a father.

Dining out with family is another popular Fathers Day tradition in Canada. No wonder, restaurants and eating joints witness a bumper rush on the occasion.  Enjoy your day!

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