The Masters 2012 Golf Tournament Contest

Hello Bloggers…………

Golf season is on the horizon and The Masters will begin Thursday April 5th!

Here is your chance as a Salisbury client to WIN $100 at the St. Catharines KEG and add some fun to the Masters Tournament.  Just add your comment on who will win The Masters and why.

Vote now or wait until the end of the second round, but don’t wait too long as your last chance to vote is Friday at midnight.

If there is more than one winner, a draw will take place for the prize. The winner will be announced in the next email newsletter.

Good Luck!


PS: Happy Easter Weekend!

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  1. Sam Hewit says:

    Tiger!!!! He’s destined to win this. The momentum has already built, and this will be his official comeback.
    Happy Easter Tim!

  2. Well another Masters is upon us!
    Will Tiger win another major? Will Rory hold onto a lead this year. 1st time in many years that “the big easy” will not be playing. Ernie Eles for all you non golfers. We’ll find out over the next 4 days who will wear the famous “Green Jacket”
    SO………………..I’m taking Masters champion of 2003 Mike Wier just to make the cut!! If he doesn’t, then I’ll pick someone else by Friday at midnight. Good luck everyone.

  3. John Fraser says:

    Luke Donald to win – has his game together.

  4. Green Bay Joe says:

    I usually go with my boy K.J Choi, but the experience of Steve Stricker on this course is hard to argue with so I’m going with last year’s runner-up Jason Day. Jason Day by 2 strokes over Rory.

  5. Helen Lockyer says:

    I think Tiger Woods is back so I’m picking him to win the 2012 Masters!

  6. Prok the Croc says:

    Rory McIlroy will win this year — this is his year. He was so dominant last year until he collapsed and now he has learned to take it home on the final day.

  7. CHRIS BRENN says:

    As much as I want Tiger woods to win so people-(media) to get off his back, I think Phil Mickelson will win he has been good as of late and he is due to reinvent himself for the 2012 season.

  8. Though I should go with my heart and suggest that my Irish brother, Rory McIlroy, will win, I have a great feeling and inside information about Charl Schwartzel so I am going with the South African. I would even go so far to say that he will win by 3 strokes.

  9. Rory McIlroy…….by 2 strokes. Apart from the fact that he will have the “luck of the Irish”with him, the conditions of this course this weekend suit him.

  10. Scott Round says:

    Not sure if this is where to put our entry for the masters contest, but we say Rory Mc Ilroy will win

  11. Margaret says:

    Phil Mikelson – his game is more consistent than Tiger’s

  12. Catherine says:

    I am going to go out on a limb and pick Jason Day. He was a runner up at both last years US Open and the coveted green jacket, this could be his year!

  13. Who will win? – Phil Mickelson
    Why? – I don’t know squat about golf so I Googled it, and didn’t like the answer I got, so i picked Mickelson.

  14. masters 2012 says:

    Lee Westwood is my pick to win
    Brian Nickel

  15. Deb Jones says:

    I hope that Bubba Watson wins!!

  16. Tiger Woods….because he needs the money 🙂

  17. Im gonna go left field on this one. I never pick this guy, so im going MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ.
    The cigar chompin’ Spaniard.

    As always, Thanks for the great contest opportunity Tim.

    Happy Easter ALL!!

  18. Steve Stricker. why him, you ask eh Tim? I just have a gut feeling.

  19. I’m going to go with Lee Westwoood.

  20. I’m picking Lee Westwood, this is 3rd year in a row picking him and it is his time now.
    Great golfer and nicest guy 1st major time now .. Go Lee….

  21. Dave Hicks says:

    I’m going with Lee Westwood again. I’ll say by two strokes.

  22. Crystal Brophy says:

    I am going with Fred Couples. I just think he seems like a nice person.

  23. Rob Greenlees says:

    Fred Couples because he’s a good guy and deserves to win and he’s only had one affair that we know of.

  24. Rory MacIroy to win by 2 strokes. Garcia will have his usual mental breakdown, Phil will continue to miss his must make 4-6 ft putts, Tiger’s temper and lack of patience will sink him, Freddie will succumb to the rigors of three rounds of gruelling golf, Luke Donald has been unfocused lately and Lee westwood will finish second to Rory. Rory is hungrier, more confident and wants to prove his meltown after the 10th hole last year was due to his nerves, inexperience and bad decision making. He has reeally matured in the intervening year,

  25. Tom Tuckwell says:

    I am going with Phil Mickleson. He has put himself in contention after 2 rounds. It would be awesome if Fred Couples wins thou!!!

  26. I’ll roll the dice and take Fred Couples. Why Not 🙂

  27. I think Rory going to win this year Tim.

  28. Well mike weir didn’t make the cut so winning the masters will be impossible for him. I now switch my attention to Miguel Angel Jimenez. A great golfer for many years who enjoys life, cigars and red wine, just like me and only 2 back after 2 rounds! Good luck Miguel.

  29. and the winner is Deb Jones who actually picked Bubba Watson!!
    Congrats Deb and you’re the proud owner of a $100 Keg Gift Certificate!!
    thanks to everyone who entered this contest.

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