Salisbury ‘Super Bowl 45’ Giveaway of the Year

superbowl45.gifHappy New Year! As we start 2011, it’s the Salisbury Giveaway of the Year for SUPER BOWL 45 with the Pittsburgh Steelers playing the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, February 6th!

For all football fans, simply post a comment on my BLOG  for the team who is going to win and the final score.

If you couldn’t care less about football and the big game, simply post a comment on what you might be doing instead and the best answer will win something!!

The grand prize winner will enjoy a $100 gift certificate to The Keg Steakhouse and 2nd prize is a $50 gift certificate to Happy Being Me.

If there’s more than one winner for the grand prize, a draw will take place. The winner will be announced after the SUPER BOWL.

Good Luck!



  1. I think the Green Bay Packers will win Super Bowl 45. They were the hottest team coming into the playoffs and can’t be stopped. I’m also going for the Packers to win simply because I’m not a Steelers fan and it would good on Big Ben and the boys if they should happen to lose. Also to know that Brent Favre will be at home watching the game in his Vikings uniform makes me very happy. So Go Packers!!
    Final score Green Bay 21 Pittsburgh 17

  2. Hey Tim,

    Thanks once again for your “Superbowl Giveaway Comp”. I think that the Packers will win the game, providing Aaron Rodgers is in the zone, and that they don’t go on the pre-vent defence if they get ahead. Also, it is possible that Big Ben may get distracted if there a a few hot looking 14-16 year old girls in the crowd in Dallas.
    Final Score: Green Bay 23 Pittsburgh 20.

  3. Tom Jones says:

    Hey T. Hope all is well.
    Here is my prediction:

    Green Bay 24
    Steelers 17

  4. Michael Callihoo says:

    It’s time to step out of the Favre shadow and start a new legacy in Green Bay. I’ve been anxiously awaiting for this, because I can’t stand Brett Favre…

    Packers 38 – Steelers 31

  5. I would have to say GO PACKERS GO!
    I am not a football fan …………. awaiting the Daytona 500 myself but I would pick Green Bay if I were a gamblin’ person

  6. Dave Fast says:

    Hey Tim good to hear from you. Golf will be here soon I hope!!
    Too many Packer fans on your site so here is one for the Steelers
    Steelers 30
    Packers 21

  7. Some very smart football fans out there so far with all the picks leaning towards the Green Bay Packers.
    Shirl, Daytona 500 – really? Anyway – to enter the contest – just add to your commment or a new one what you think the final score will be this Sunday.

  8. MARY JANE ROSE says:

    Its Green Bay all the way!!


  9. Hey Dave,
    Golf is just around the corner. We head to Myrtle Beach April 11th for a week, not that I’m counting the days!!
    You would have to post right before my statement about it being a Packer landslide so far. Always have to go against the grain don’t you Dave. I just don’t think the Steelers could score 30 points on the Niner’s let alone Green Bay.(jab to Michael and Gord on this one) LOL!

  10. Tom Tuckwell says:

    I’ll take the Steelers 27 – 24. Big Ben the MVP.

  11. 24 – 22 for Green Bay

  12. Jamie Brock says:

    Steelers- 28-14

  13. Pam Hamilton says:

    Hi Timothy!
    Honestly, I could care less about football but I will be watching because my husband is forced to watch the Bachelor every Monday night and this is the least I can do for him. Besides there’s always good food, beer and not to forget attractive men in tights… could be worse! 😉

    Pam Hamilton

  14. Hey Tim;
    I’m cheering for Green Bay but I think Pittsburg will win 24 – 17. As for what I’ll be doing…probably a mish mash of scooping guacamole off the carpet with Tostito scoops, searching the internet for American feed Superbowl commercials, placing bets on the Bud Bowl, waiting for a Black Eyed Peas (Fergie) clothing malfunction at half time, looking for the one fan wearing a “Consentlessberger” jersey in the crowd…and oh ya, I’ll be watching the game too.

  15. Tim Taylor says:

    The Packers win a close game 27-24. Greg Jennings is the MVP with two touchdown catches.

  16. paul thurston says:

    Hi Tim: nice to stay in touch with our old stomping grounds and your contests are a welcome motivator to help do just that. A defensive struggle for sure with Green bay prevailing 17-14. Cheers, paul thurston

  17. Helen Lockyer says:

    Green Bay 35

    Pittsburg 28

  18. Hey Tim I’m a huge Patriots fan, but am rooting for Packers to win, hate the Steelers and Big Ben. My pick is for the Packers to win 31 to 20. Thanks…. and Go Packers….

  19. Todd and Teri Anderson says:

    Hi Tim,

    We’re not sure but our answer might qualify for both competitions. We aren’t going to be watching the Super Bowl this year because we’ve got more important things to do: like complete a few renos on the house we just closed last week (and of course, Tim and Sally were instrumental in making it all happen. Thank you both, we couldn’t be happier). The renos have to be done before we move in on Feb 19th or else we will be divorced on Feb 20th. However, we will still make a prediction for the big game:

    Steelers 21
    Cheeseheads 17


    Todd & Teri

  20. Carolyn Belay says:

    I love to watch football even though I don’t know a lot of stats about certain teams. I think that Green Bay will come out ahead of the Steelers and the final score will be 27 – 24. Go Packers!

  21. Hi Tim,
    Haven’t watched much football this year, but I’d take the Steelers at 38-35!


  22. Ernie Sibbett says:

    Greetings from a snowdrift in Vermont! Rogers is unstoppable indoors. The Pack will win 31-17.If sex pervert Roethlisberger wins, I’ll never watch football again…

  23. Carolyn Robertson says:

    I choose Green Bay because I like those cheese heads! I think they will win 17-14. I love the “Happy to be Me” site and say Wendy is the biggest winner!

  24. Tim

    You were reading my mind. Superbowl for me is the only day of the year I bet on horses and play poker. I will most likely cheer for the underdog. I will eat wings, pizza and drink beer. I anticipate one team will win and I will take a cab home, I will loose all my money playing poker and the tv’s in the bar will not match the sound…like an old godzilla movie. Have fun…b

  25. BILL DOWNEY says:

    Hi TIM
    Green Bay will win the SUPERBOWL and make the Steelers eat CHEESE!!
    GREEN BAY 37
    Tell the good folks at THE KEG….MEDIUM RARE PLEASE!!!
    Bye for now
    Bill and Joan Downey

  26. Tim!

    Some love the arrow that flies~
    others love the bow that is stable.
    I don’t know much about football, it’s true…
    but I do love steak on the table!

    !!!I hope EVERYONE’s a winner =)

    …still moving with the ebb and flow…
    words~ from Karm… in the Capital!


  27. Being a BENGALS fan (I know, what a great year AGAIN) I absolutely HATE the Steelers. That being said I know them all too well, they win games. They always find a way to win, and it ain’t always pretty. I will be cheering for the Packers, but I think the Steelers will somehow pull of a close win.

    Steelers – 20
    Packers – 17

  28. Hi Tim,

    I like the Packers because Rodgers is hot at the right time.

    Green bay in a close game 24 – 20 over the Steelers



  29. It seems like some of the Steelers fans are coming out of the woodwork but so far it’s 15 picks for Green Bay and 7 for the Steelers. Some great comments: Drew about his dislike of Steeler nation since he’s a HUGE Bengels fan. Karm wants everyone to win, OUCH that would be expensive and Brenda talks about horses and poker verses football’s greatest game. Keep them coming!
    Last chance to comment is Sunday at 6pm.
    Good Luck to all

  30. John Fraser says:

    Green Bay will beat the Steelers 27-24.

    John Fraser

  31. Marc Giroux says:

    Green Bay 24 Steelers 17


  32. Hi, Tim, never could develop a liking to Football so I will be at home with my fiancee, Luba, renovating/tailoring our new house to the way we want it. It’s an easy way to ‘break the bank’ but we enjoy the results. Neighbours already enjoy the small changes to the exterior.

  33. Green Bay has always had great quarterbacks. I became a Green Bay fan in the early ’80’s when Lynn Dickey beat the Washington Redskins on Monday night football 48-47. The Pack had no defence back then. They fixed the problem when the acquired Reggie White from the Eagles in the 90’s and won a Superbowl and losing the next year against the Broncos.

    Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback. Is he ready to win on Sunday — not sure. The Steelers are deep in talent and experience. I hope I am wrong but I am picking the Steelers to win 24-17.

    Go Packers!!!

  34. Dave Hicks says:

    Hi Tim! I’m going with my gut on this one. Green Bay 28 and the Steelers 21. They say defense wins games but I think Green Bay’s offence will overcome. I can taste the Keg steak in my mouth already. Ha ha.

    Best wishes to all.

  35. Chris Brenn says:


  36. I picked the same score as Kevin earlier so I am changing mine to Steelers 27 Packers 17.

  37. Roger Coutu says:

    Hey Tim,

    I see it as Packers 31 Steelers 27. Rodgers will be the MVP.


  38. Peter Collinson says:

    Tim – I think the Steelers will win 21 – 17. Peter

  39. Hi Timothy, Happy 2011!!

    I hear you had a nice long vacation over the festive season, hope you enjoyed it! “Happy Being Me” is quite an inspiring story. Thanks for continuing to send me your newsletters, I always get something of interest from them.
    Keep up the good work, your success also inspires me.
    PS: I have no interest in football

  40. Hmm, the men in my house will be working so I have invited all of my widowed friends(death due to SuperBowl fever) to join me by supporting the local economy. That means, shopping here close to home (Yea Canada)….. then back to my new home (thanks Sally) for wine and cheese-but not from Wisconsin. Ontario makes fine cheeses too…

  41. Tim thanks for the opportunity to pick the winner for the BIG Game:

    I was hoping the Patriots would have been playing, they really deserved to be here, best coach, best QB, but one bad game and now i have to cheer for the Steelers. The steelers will beat the Cheeseheads 31-24. Randy

  42. Kristen C says:

    Gotta go with Greenbay…27-21

  43. Wow, Packer fever sweeps. Steelers have had a good run in the last few years, but the Packers are surging at the right time.

    Im leaning towards some DEFENSE on both sides, so PACKERS 17 – Steelers 13.

  44. Ed Patton says:

    Hey Tim and Team,
    Here is a great idea, On super bowl sunday, go to the Niagara Romance ans Sex Expo at the Americana, the watch the game and if the game is dull,and while watchin only Canadian commercials,…. you will have something to do.

    Have a great day tomorrow folkd,
    regards, Ed

  45. Ed Patton says:

    Hey Tim and Team,
    Here is a great idea, On super bowl sunday, go to the Niagara Romance ans Sex Expo at the Americana, the watch the game and if the game is dull,and while watchin only Canadian commercials,…. you will have something to do.

    Have a great day tomorrow folks,
    regards, Ed

  46. Glen Muir says:

    Here`s the view from the beautiful West Coast,

    Without cable I have been following the games online when I can and glean some insight listening to sports radio. I will be lucky enough to see the game at my upstairs neighbours house, fortunately, he`s a sports fan. The sports scene here in Vancouver is dominated by one thing only..the Canucks. I may be back in the big east next year so consider me on IR this year. I will be cheering for the Packers but I think Pittsburgh will win a close and great game. I lean towards a team that can run the ball better, defense appears about equal, pack has a better QB but Big Ben knows how to make big plays at big times and has done this before. Final score Pittsburgh Steelers 30 Green Bay Packers 29
    Enjoy the game at the Keg Tim, say hello to Shawn, Joe, Tom, Michael and the Keg Gang! This one should be a classic.


  47. Janet Krowchuk says:

    Was actually going to pick Steelers 23- GB 17, BUT…..

    I’m going against the grain, (hmmm imagine that!@) Packers 28 – Steelers 23.


  48. Dean Jenkins says:

    Looks like their are few of us that know the facts.
    Steelers 27
    Packers 17

    Thats the FACTS..

    Dean Jenkins

  49. What a Super Bowl and what a great contest we had. Some funny comments plus some very kind words, thanks to all of you.

    I was at the Keg watching the game and most people thought it was a great 2nd half and finish. Congrats to the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers for winning the MVP!

    What did you think about the SuperBowl?

    So the winner for the Keg gift certificate is……… Since nobody picked the correct score,(some close ones like Roger and Sue) I decided to give everyone who made a comment a chance. The winner picked out of the Buffalo Bills Helmet is Randy Bleich.
    CONGRATS Randy!!

    As for the Happy Being Me gift certificate………..Well, we had some great stories shared by Pam, Brenda, Shaune, Catherine and even Todd & Teri. The winner of the best non football comment is Pam Hamilton.

    Thanks again to everyone who had some fun with this latest Salisbury giveaway, next contest will be the Masters in April. Any early predictions????


  50. Thanks again Tim for the contests, its fun reading the different comments
    from everyone. Keep up the good work….I say a European will win the masters this year
    not sure exactly who yet, hopefully it will be Lee Westwood.

  51. Here is my prediction:

    Packers 24
    Steelers 20


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