The Stanley Cup Playoffs are happening – It’s the Chicago Blackhawks vs the Philadelphia Flyers!

flyers-vs-hawks.jpgAnd here is your chance, as a Salisbury client, to WIN $100 at the St. Catharines KEG and add some fun to the Playoffs.

When adding a comment, tell us who you think will win The Stanley Cup, why and by how many games. Since my beloved Buffalo Sabres are watching from the sidelines this year, maybe another prize will be given for the best comment on the Blog, what it is or about will be decided at the end of the series.

If you don’t know anything about hockey or these teams, no worries. Just click on the links to easily educate yourself.  Don’t wait – your last chance to vote is by the start of game 3 this upcoming Wednesday night.

If more than 1 winner, a draw will take place for the prize.  The winner will be announced when the games are done.

Stanley Cup Finals – Flyers vs Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks Official Website
Philadelphia Flyers Official Website
The Keg Restaurant


  1. Rick Parson says:

    Hey Tim

    Seems I am always the first one to post, must be because i am so busy as a government worker LOL. Chicago is going to win this series in seven games and Jonathan Towes will be series MVP. Take care Tim.

  2. Allison Slater says:

    Hey Tim

    I think Philadelphia will win this series in seven games.Thanks!

  3. janine greig says:

    Definintely the Blackhawks! and yes in seven games and it is going to be really ugly!


  4. Philly of course, will win in 7 games (good for the sport)…good and healthy now, great penalty kill, lots of guys who put pucks in net….it’s a Cinderella story this year for the Flyers!!!

  5. Michael Callihoo says:

    Blackhawks in 6…

  6. Bernie MacDonnell says:

    Blackhawks in 6

  7. Dave Fast says:

    Chicago in 7!

  8. Blackhawks in 5 !!!

  9. Tim Taylor says:

    Hey Tim,
    The Blackhawks will win the series and Patrick Kane will bring the Stanley Cup home to Buffalo and go for a cab ride with it.

  10. Ron Neprily says:

    Blackhawks in 5. Bobby Hull is still playing,….right?

  11. Hey Tim I think the Blackhawks in 6 games and score in 6th game will be 4-3 in o/t.

  12. Melanie Colavecchia says:

    Hi Tim!
    Defiantly going with Philly and in 6 games! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Chris Brenn says:

    Hey Tim I think Chicago will win in 6 games, Have a great weekend!

  14. Lorne Bayne says:

    Chicago in 6. Philly won’t be able to keep up with the speed of the Hawks

  15. Kevin VanLeeuwen says:

    Hey Tim:
    Chicago in 5

  16. johnny ventresca says:

    Now that Montreal is out we have to cheer for an American Team. Since both teams are stacked with Canadian Olympians it will be much better to watch. Most think this series will be a blowout but the Flyers have some gritty players. Long series Hawks in 7.

  17. HAROLD BURNS says:


  18. Dean Jenkins says:

    The mystery will be revealed in the days ahead with a lot of by the water cooler trash talk and a few nights of keeping the eyes open for the final minute of play. A few may wake up just as the news starts and with amazement and a few short phrases “What happened?” By game 5, all will be over as the Hawks put the game away 4:1. As the Rocky theme fades into the back ground as the Hawks fans celebrate. And the Phili fans look for another round. But no Rocky to pull this one out in game 5.


  19. Tim=CHICAGO in 4 just Like San Jose They get 2 @ Home they are better on the road !

  20. Kristen Corcoran says:

    Hey Tim,
    Chicago will eventually win but I think that Philly will put up a lot bigger fight than most expect them to. You cannot underestimate the presence of Pronger and Richards. That being said… Chicago in 6 with Toews taking the Conn Smythe.

  21. Dave Hicks says:

    Chicago in 7 games Tim. 1961 is a long time to go between Stanley Cups. If Chicago does pull it off, Toronto will be the longest team to go between cups. Go Buds Go!!!

  22. Peter Collinson says:

    Tim – It will be the Hawks in 6 for sure. Upset that the Habs did not make it, although they did much better than expected. Sabres did not have a chance!!

  23. Jamie Brock says:

    hey Tim
    I think the blackhawks will win the cup. They are going to take it in 4 games straight cause they are way better then philly and have more skill.

  24. Randy Bleich says:

    Anyone from St. Catharines who has been around for awhile should be cheering for the HAWKS. Remember the good old day when we used to have the St. Catharines Black Hawks and the great players that came from thoses teams. Also with Bobby Hull and Stan Makita in the owner’s box upstairs cheering the team on they can’t go wrong. The Hawks in 5.

    Randy Bleich

  25. Tracy H says:

    The windy city or the city of brotherly love…as you know Tim, I know nothing about hockey but after careful deliberation, I have chosen wind over love (for obvious reasons)…Hawks in 6.

  26. So entering Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, only 10 people out of 25 have a chance of getting the team and series correct. Good luck to all who are stil in the race.

  27. 7 people got the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup in 6 games over the Flyers correct but 2 clients really nailed it. Kristen ( Comment 20 ) also named the Conn Smythe winner and Sue not only got the score right in the last game but she called it in Overtime!!( Comment 11) So Congratulations to Sue and Kristen who will be splitting the grand prize.
    Congrats once again ladies.

  28. Hey Tim,

    YAY!!!! Thanks so much! Looking forward to a night out with the munchkin, plus I like beating Parson!

    Now to see if I can beat him in the World Cup!!!


  29. Thanks Tim.

    So excited never won anything before, and never been to the Keg, really looking forward to this..

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