The Masters 2010 Golf Tournament Contest

Hello Bloggers,

The PGA Tour presents The Masters 2010 Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia on April 08 – 11, 2010. The Purse this year is $7 million dollars. Can you believe it!! Enter the contest for the $100 Gift Certificate at the St. Catharines Keg by submitting who you think will win the golf tournament this year under the “Comments” section on the bottom right hand side. Then scroll down until you see “Leave a comment, pick the player who you think will win and why?


Good Luck!



  1. Rick Parson says:

    Hi Tim hope all is well. Tiger will win the Masters after all the drama of his cheating ways Tiger is coming back with revenge. Good luck to all.

  2. TIGER!!!!! He is Full Hot! Go get em TIGER!!!!
    If he doesn’t eagle every hole something is wrong.

  3. Hi Tim.

    Tiger has got it. Ok he got caught. Big deal. He will win and win big

  4. Pam Hamilton says:

    Hi Tim,

    Of course Tiger is going to win! He wasn’t away at rehab this whole time……he was practicing his golf swing!

  5. Larry Colangelo says:

    Camillo Villegas. Because I like saying “Villegas”!!! lol!!!

  6. Dave Hicks says:

    Put my vote in for Padraig Harrington Tim.

  7. Tom Tuckwell says:

    I’m taking Ernie Els to win the Masters. The Big Easy has put his game back together. See you at the Keg!

  8. Tim Salisbury has said Tiger has no chance to win with all the distractions, and I believe him.
    Tim is so confident, that he will get a Tiger Woods tattoo if Eldrick does win.

    I like last year’s champ – Angel Cabrera to repeat.

  9. Laura Morris says:

    Hi Tim!

    This is too easy – Tiger all the way, he has to prove to the world he has not lost it! Can’t wait to get a Keg Ceaser!

  10. Tiger will “Just Do It!” just to get the ad money to start flowing again!
    Cheers and Enjoy!

  11. KJ Choi. Top 20 finishes. Proven winner and been hanging around the leader board for the last couple years.

    Thanx for the contest opportunity. Good Luck to all. Happy April Showers!!!

  12. Tracy H says:

    Tiger may win the tournament – but Elin will win the 7 million dollar purse!

  13. Tiger is going to take it.. He managed to win with a busted up knee, on pain meds and hiding 20 other women on the side…hes clean, healthy and all his crap is out in the open now…He’s got nothing else to stress about or think about other than winning..which he will do.

  14. Marybeth Haines says:

    I vote for Tiger! 🙂

  15. Hey Tim…Phil Mickelson’s going to do it this year……Tiger doesn’t stand a chance of keeping it near the hole.

  16. Peter Collinson says:

    Without any doubt – TIGER will win by a few strokes in his return

  17. steve chelmicki says:

    anthony kim

  18. Rich Eckhardt says:

    Hey Tim, Obviously my invite got lost in the mail again this year, but it’s time for a young guy to win, Zach Johnson.

  19. Brian Dell says:

    Ernie Els… because he has a hockey player for a caddy….

  20. Tim Taylor says:

    It is my belief that Jim Furyk will win the Masters. He is poised as one of the most consistent players and is ready to take Augusta by storm. His focus in the face of the Tiger drama will seperate him from the field.

    Tim Taylor

  21. Marion Hanysh (Mr.) says:

    Ernie Els will win the Green Jacket. The “Tiger” is an endangered species (or should I say extinct).

  22. Ron Neprily says:

    Here’s a vote for Paul Casey – only because no one else has.

  23. Adam Scott – because he’s an Aussie and he’s due !!!!

  24. Glen Muir says:

    I beleive its time for an asian invasion in golf so I predict Anthony Kim (even though he is American).

  25. Mike Zadko says:

    Tiger will win of course. He’s got to redeem himself.

  26. I say Lee Westwood its time for another Brit to win.

  27. Kevin VanLeeuwen says:

    I’ll go for Lee Westwood. Might as well pick him since Tiger’s only memorable drive will be the one out of his driveway.

  28. Marc Giroux says:

    Hey tim, I think Phil Michelson will win this year, Won’t be the year of the tiger.

  29. Bill Downey says:

    HI TIM…Tough call after only DAY 1…but I put my hunches on Y.E.YANG for this year’s GREEN JACKET…all the perenial favourites will be so distracted with all the TIGERMANIA…my choice will stay calm and cool…TIGER WHO???
    Medium Rare please TIM!
    Bill Downey

  30. I like Ian Poulter. He has his putting stroke down and he is playing some beautiful golf. Augusta National suits his game.

  31. Joe Richardson says:

    I Like K.J. Choi Tim.

    He was the first Korean-born player to earn PGA Tour Card; First Korean to win on the PGA Tour. First Asian to break into the World Top 10 player ranking. A two-time winner in 1999 in Japan, he earned the last fully exempt spot in December’s Q-School with a four-under 68 in the final round. He was a Teen powerlifter. Could squat 350 pounds as a 95-pound 13-year old. No longer lifts heavy weights. His interest in golf grew after one of his high school teachers recommended he try the sport. when he was 16. He first broke par at age 21!

    Known as “the Korean Fred Funk” but also “The Tank and “Hawkeye” Choi admits that his short game needs to improve and that during his swing “I bend too much at the top, a bad habit from doing so many squats as a weightlifter.”

    Although a real long-shot I think K.J. Choi will prevail in a playoff over Tiger “Woody” Woods.

    The Keg is by far my favourite place to eat steak (Haven’t made it out to WildFire yet unfortunately).


  32. paul thurston says:

    Ian Poulter is my pick to win the 2010 Masters because he has the best fashion sense of all the contenders and his golf game is pretty good too! Thanks for the contest Tim, Paul

  33. Catherine says:

    Hhm, seems like Tigermania is alive and well here at your site. I Believe Lee Westwood will squeak by with the title and Mighty Green Jacket. He started at age 20, and got unbelieveable succees only to fall to a 260 ranking. He is back, he brought his game, he is ready and he should win it. Billy Miner Pie… to share of course. Drop by our table and we’ll ask for an extra fork.

  34. Ian Poulter is set to win this year! He’s on a roll!

  35. Anthony Kim is mt choice. He won last week,has the nerves and can putt!!!

  36. Well it’s Sunday afternoon and about 6 of you have a real good chance. With K.J. Phil and Lee having a real good chance. Tiger isn’t acting like Tiger, Lee looks abit nervous, Phil has to do something to mess it up doesn’t he?? I think KJ has a real good chance if he can continue his solid play.

  37. Only 2 people guessed Phil Mickelson to win The Masters. It’s kind of ironic that with the return of the Tiger and all his family troubles, another man who has his own troubles, his wife Amy and his mother both diagnosed with breast cancer last year, would prevail. The 2 people that guessed Phil was Marc and Blades a.k.a Steve (nice win by the Flyers last night by the way.) After tossing both names into a Buffalo Sabres hat, the name that was picked out of the 2009-2010 Stanley Cup champions hat was Marc. Congratulations Marc and your gift certificate to the Keg will be sent out to you shortly.
    Stay tuned for upcoming contests, Stanley Cup Finals in hockey, NBA Finals, the US Open etc etc etc.
    thanks to everyone for playing.
    PS: Go Sabres!!

  38. Dave Hicks says:

    Thanks Tim. I will be waiting for the next contest.


  39. Thanks Tim….will try again….

    Stevo (Blades)

  40. Well, who would have thought that Charl Schwartzel from South Africa would go on a birdie tear and win the green jacket by 2 strokes!
    After 9 holes I thought Tiger Woods was going to leave the other golfers in his dust. He had a really good showing and proved he’s back.
    Adam Scott and Jason Day played really well and I think we all feel for Rory McIIroy. When he hit his tee shot on number 11 into the creek, I thought he was going to lose it.

    So nobody picked the right golfer but just for entering, everyone will be entered into the draw for the $100 Keg gift certificate. We will announce the winner in the next newsletter which will be just before Easter.

    Thanks to everyone for playing


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