Super Bowl XLIV (44)

superbowl.jpgThe game features the Saints’ first Super Bowl appearance since their foundation in 1967, while it is the fourth time a Colts franchise team has appeared, since their foundation in 1953 as the Baltimore Colts.  The Saints enter the game with a 13-3 record for the 2009 regular season, compared to the Colts 14-2 record. In the playoff games, both teams had a 1st round bye. The Colts entered the Super Bowl off of 20-3 and 30-17 victories, while the Saints advanced with scores of 45-14 and 31-28 (in overtime), defeating last years’ runners up the Arizona Cardinals in their first game. Head coach for the Saints is Sean Payton having joined from the Dallas Cowboys in 2006, while his opposing head coach Jim Caldwell was appointed the Colts head coach in 2009 having joined them in 2002 as assistant head coach. In Peyton Manning, the Colts have a veteran quarterback who is widely regarded as one of the best of all time.


  1. Rick Parson says:

    Tim New Orleans is going to win 35-28 Dwight Freeney may not play and the New Orleans Saints will control Indy’s weak running game leaving it all to peyton with all the pressure and throwing 50 plus times the Saints will get a few interceptions controlling the game. SB MVP Drew Brees. GO SAINTS WHO DAT!

  2. Michael Callihoo says:

    I think it’s going to be an epic shootout. Dwight Freeney apparently has a serious injury – without him at 100% that will drastically alter the Colts pass rush.

    Regardless, I think the Colts will be too powerful. I say Colts 38, Saints 30.



  3. Mark Cheron says:

    New Orleans all the way, Tim.

  4. Walter Stewart says:

    I think New Orleans will win the big game. Final score will be Saints 38, Colts 31

  5. I agree with Michael Callihoo. The Colts will be too powerfull, plus can’t bet against Peyton Manning. My heart says Saints but the Wallet says Colts. My best guess is Colts 37, Saints 30.

    P.S. — Mike 49ers stink!!!

  6. I think the Colts will win in a shootout. My prediction is the Colts 42 and the Saints 28. Don’t forget the beer and munchies.

  7. Matt Cuthbert says:

    Tim, the Saints D will be able to handle the Colts weak running game and with one of the best pass rushes in the league they should be able to hurry Manning or put him on his butt like they did Farve. They had trouble the second half of the year due to injury so they need to stay healthy the whole game or things will open up!

    Payton does have the best Record in the NFL, has beat the top 2 defenses this year and is careful with the ball (he will throw it away, not force things and wait for the next play). This makes him dangerous and frustrating for defenses! Saints need to be patient or they will be the ones to make the mistakes!

    Bush should have a great game agains the weak colts run defense! If Bush has a poor game rushing (which he is due to hit) and the Saints have to count on the arm of Drew they may run into some trouble. He had some jitters last week only completing 17/31 and throwing under 200yrds. The Colts secondary is fast and athletic for the short yardage throws and play alot of Cover 2 (don’t get beat for big yards alot)!
    However, they are young and could get confused by the multiple formations the saints run! Dwight Freeny might sit out with an ankle injury and thus the Colts pass rush will suffer putting even more pressure on the secondary!

    My perdiction based on the facts:
    Bush has another great game against a weak Colts D
    Drew shakes the jitters and lights up the Colts Secondary
    Saints D controls the run and rushes Manning
    Saints are ahead at the Half
    Colts make a come back in the second half due to Saints mistakes
    Colts make it close and have a chance to win it in the end!

    BUT – the Saints pull it out for their first super bowl win!!

  8. Jamie Brock says:

    Tim, i think the saints will win. score of 21-14. they have the drive of not winning the super bowl to push them harder.

  9. George McPherson says:

    Colts 30-17 , Saint’s had a good run but its over!

  10. Tim – Saints 37. Colts 34. Hopefully, both Manning and Brees will be “on”. Both have great offences, so defence will win this one.

  11. Ed Patton says:

    Hey Tim,
    I hope the Saints win, as a reward to their hard work and perseverence.
    My team is the Bills…. what more can I say… they seem to only win with snow storms.. I guess its my faith.
    thanks for ‘your spirit’ too.
    You do a good job with B to B; I hope I can model you in business!
    best regards,
    Ed Patton.

  12. Bernie MacDonnell says:

    New Orleans 35 Indy 27 This the year for the Saints it is called karma

  13. Sam Jonas says:

    New Orleans in the end Tim, just a hunch going with underdog, Sam.

  14. Ron Neprily says:

    Colts win 28 – 21

  15. Tim Taylor says:

    It would be hard to bet against the Colts and Peyton Manning. This is the first ever trip to the big dance for the Saints and they will feel the pressure. Colts win 31 – 27

  16. Michelle Basciano says:

    I’d love to see the Saints pull this off, but for betting purposes, I’ll say Colts take the win. Score: 31-28

  17. Glen Muir says:

    I think Peyton Manning is ready to take his place in history as one of the greatest QBs of all time. The only thing keeping him out of the Bradshaw, Montana & Brady, etc comparisons is that he has only one SuperBowl appearance to date. Two SB wins will put him in line with Roethlisberger, Starr, Aikman, Elway, etc. Its been a fantastic season for the Saints but the Colts are for all intents and purposes undeafeated not counting the two games they laid down. Whatever may be going wrong in the first half, Manning will correct it by the second half as he always does. Colts 34 Saints 31.

  18. Allison Slater says:

    Hi Tim, Saints 28-21.

  19. Peter Collinson says:

    Colts will win by 35-26 in a very exciting game. Miss you in Beachview, Tim.

  20. Helen Lockyer says:

    I think New Orleans will win Score 21 – 6. Good luck New Orleans.

  21. Catherine says:

    You just got back from Mexico, now a SuperBowl Contest? Let’s hope you aren’t too partied out for Valentines’s Day for Stacey’s sake………ok
    Colts with the score of 34-27. Payton Manning – the only two words needed.

  22. Kevin VanLeeuwen says:

    Hey Tim:
    Colts win, 35 – 24. I’d rather see New Orleans win, but can’t see it happening. Too much experience on the Colts side.

  23. Tim
    The colts are going to win 28-21. I will eat 8 chicken wings, 2 slices of pizza and loose $20 playing poker

  24. Marc Giroux says:

    Tim, I think Colts will win 42-24. Better luck next year New Orleans

  25. Saints 38 Colts 35…Destiny

  26. Saints 21 Colts 14

  27. Saints to win 29 – 23 Tim. Patriots is my team but what can you do.. Go Saints

  28. Dave Mitchell says:

    I think the Leafs are going all the way Saints 13 Colts 24

  29. Bill Downey says:

    Tim..When the Saints go marching in…this is their moment…Saints over the Colts 31-28..likely in a field goal…I like my steak medium rare please!!
    Bill Downey

  30. Julie Stewart says:

    Hi Tim,

    According to Eddie, it will be the Colts 34 and the Saints 24.

  31. Ernie Sibbett says:

    It’s a suckers pick. Saints 35, Colts 24.
    Welcome back to both you and Stacey.

  32. Contray to what my fiance said, I have a feeling that New Orleans will take them. My guess is NO Saints 39 – Indy Colts 28. And ya, Medium rare is good……..

  33. Tim, thanks for a chance at the Keg
    My feelin is colts 27 saints 20

  34. Well I see many people are interested in a Keg dinner!! As of 3pm on Sunday, we have 17 people for the Saints and 16 for the Colts.

    I’m sad to say that you’re all wrong. LOL!!

    I have the winning team and score. The Saints will complete a fantastic year. From coaching to it’s destiny, the Saints will win. I believe like many of you it will be close until the 2nd half, then the Saints will control the game, a few costly turnovers by the Colts and the game will be over by the end of the 3rd quarter. Manning gets pressured pretty much all day and will be kept off the field by the Saints offense. The final score will be 38-24.
    PS: I like my steak medium rare.
    PSS: I agree with Drew as well, the 49’s suck but would like to add a few teams to the list, also the Raiders, Eagles, Cowboys, Vikings, Dolphins, Jets and Brett Favre all can be added to the list.

  35. Sam Jonas says:

    Hi Tim, I think Saint win 27 Colts 24……………so there now you’ve been told SAINTS WIN…………..happy.

    Regards, Sam J.

    PS, coffee soon or do I have to set-up appt???????????????????

  36. It’s Monday and the Superbowl lived up to the pre-game hype. Another close match up with the game being very close until just 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

    Here are the results regarding the Superbowl contest I ran, we had 34 predictions, 18 for the Saints and 16 for the Colts. It was very close between 1st and 2nd place, only 1 point seperated them.

    The winner of this year’s Superbowl contest is Allison Slater. Congratulations Allison!! Sue Edwards was runner up and there was a 3 way tie for 3rd place shared by Ernie Sibbett, Sam Jonas and Bill Downey.

    thanks to everyone who participated.

  37. Allison Slater says:

    That’s awesome. Thanks Tim!!

  38. Thanks Tim. Keep it up. There’s lots of sports out there that we can guess about. You obviously have alot of people interested. I’m looking forward to the next contest.


  39. Ernie Sibbett says:

    Yhanks for the great ideas you come up with , to give your friends and customers a form of enjoyment . Carolyn and I are looking forward to the second annual Timothy Salisbury golf tournament.
    Thanks Again,
    Ernie Sibbett

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