The 5th Annual Cuthbert Cup

The 5th annual Cuthbert Cup raised $11,000, supporting the Walker Family Cancer Centre! What a great accomplishment!

Thanks to Matt and Michelle Cuthbert and their dedication and commitment to this event, organized in loving memory of Linda, Matt’s mother.

Timothy rewarded with the Diamond Award!

Important information for home owners!

In case you have not yet done so, now is a good time to report the sale of your principal residence.

Before 2016, if you sold your property, and it was your principal residence for every year you owned it, you did not have to report the sale to claim the principal residence exemption. Now you do.
Canada Revenue Agency advises you to amend your tax return as soon as possible for any year in which you forgot to report.
CRA is getting tougher with people when it comes to reporting the routine sale of their home, even when there is zero tax owed.
Fines can be as high as $8,000.

For more information, have a look at Canada Revenue’s website.

Top 10% of donors for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation for 2017

shelter foundation donor 2017

I’m proud to be in the Top 10% of donors for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation for 2017!
This is such an awesome joint effort and all contributions helped us to raise $2.8 million
– the most we’ve ever raised in a single year!
– in support of women’s shelters and domestic violence prevention programs across the country.
What a great accomplishment!!

First-time home buyers to get $4,000 land transfer tax rebate

Nov 14th announcement in The Star

Finance minister Charles Sousa is giving first-time home buyers a $4,000 land transfer tax rebate.

Sousa used Monday’s fall economic statement to announce the tax break for eligible purchasers is being doubled from $2,000.

“Purchasing your very first home is one of the most exciting decisions in a young person’s life, but many are worried about how they will be able to afford their first condo or house,” the treasurer told the Legislature.

The change, which takes effect on Jan. 1, means first-time buyers will not pay land transfer tax on the first $386,000 of the cost of their homes.

“For many this will mean no land transfer tax on the purchase for their first home,” said Sousa.

For more information please go to :

Shelter Foundation Top Donor


Once again, Timothy is recognized for being in the TOP 10% of Agents who dedicates a portion of his income to The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, Canada’s largest public foundation dedicated to exclusively funding women’s shelters and violence prevention programs across Canada.”

We’ve Moved!

Royal LepageThe Royal LePage Lakeport office has closed and I have relocated to the office at 33 Maywood Dr.(South Service Rd. between Lake and Ontario Sts.)  My new office number is 905-688-4561.

Ever left your house or office and forgot something such as a photocopy, fax, phone call, etc.?  I would like to let everyone know that my office is your office. If you are out and about and need any services that my office might provide, just mention that you’re a client of mine.  Stop in or talk to one of the friendly staff and they will be happy to assist you.