The 2017 Stanley Cup Contest!

2017 Stanley Cup ContestThe Salisbury Team 2017 Stanley Cup Contest!

Playoffs start on Monday, May 29th.  You have until the start of the third game on Saturday to enter the contest!

You could be the WINNER of a gift certificate!

Just  click “Leave a Comment” at the top of this post to leave your answer on who you think will win, by how many games and why!

Good Luck to everyone!

Stanley Cup Schedule 2017

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  1. James Bell says:

    Think the Penguins will win in 6 games. Nashville will miss a strong centreman, and the Penguins have the second best player in the NHL (97 > 87 …. hehe)

  2. Garvin Cole says:

    Pittsburgh in 5!!!

  3. Dave Fast says:

    Pittsburg in 7 games. Maybe Sidney will come to his senses and retire.

  4. timothy salisbury says:

    Well how can you not cheer for the Nashville Predators! I’ll take Nashville in 7 games!
    Good Luck to everyone entering the contest this year.
    PS: One day I’ll see my Buffalo Sabres in this playoff round…………….I hope!!

  5. Kevin Hicks says:

    Nashville in 6
    All lines look to be rolling frequently. Its cute watching the Penguins think they can compete physically with a Western Team.

  6. Tom Tuckwell says:

    Nashville in 6. Mike Fisher may score a goal this round.

  7. Todd Anderson says:

    Pens in 6. I’m going with Grapes on this one.

  8. Let’s go penguins in 7

  9. Steve Chelmicki says:

    Penguins in 6

  10. Vincenzo Fartagas says:

    Hello Tim, I’m going to have to apologizes and have to say Pittsburgh in 5. Nashville housing market is slow as so is there hockey team 🙂

  11. Jim Anderson says:

    Nashville in 7

  12. Ann Langille says:

    Pittsburgh in 7. Sidney has a special angel in heaven who is his number one fan!!! My son Rowan!!!!

  13. d miller says:

    pitts in 6 i think

  14. Monica Belluz says:

    Pittsburgh will win it in 6. They have Crosby.

  15. Brenda D says:

    Predators in six

  16. Sue Edwards says:

    Nashville in 7 win in o/t.. Thanks Tim

  17. Dave Daily says:

    I predict the Penguins in 5 games and I will stand by that!

  18. Timothy says:

    Well we had a few correct guesses this contest with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup in 6 games!!
    Congrats to James Bell who’s name was pulled out of the hat!
    Thank you to everyone who played.

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