Stanley Cup Finals are here!

stanley-cup-finalThe Stanley Cup Finals begin this Wednesday night at 8 PM in Tampa Bay, Florida, with Tampa Bay Lightning playing against the Chicago Blackhawks.  We invite you to enter the Salisbury Team Play Offs Contest and you could WIN a $100 Dinner Gift Certificate!  

To enter, leave a comment and tell us which team you think will win the Stanley Cup, by how many games and why.

If there is more than one winner, a draw will be held for the prize.  Winners will be announced in the next newsletter.

stanley-cup-final2Don’t delay – you only have until the start of the 3rd game to enter.  Deadline is Monday, June 8th at 8 PM!

Good Luck!   Timothy

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  1. Tom Tuckwell says:

    Tampa in 7. Overtime goal scored by ex-Leaf throw away Anton Stralman. Sort of how it has been lately for Toronto.

  2. Lori Marsh says:

    Chicago Blackhawks will win in 6 games.

    Why: not only do they have the best players and greatest fans of all, one of their best fans is watching from heaven, and between me and my mom who passed away after they won the cup on 2013, they will have some devine intervention for this series.

  3. Brian W. Adelstein says:

    Chicago in five (5) games

  4. Steve Goertz says:

    Have to go with Toews and the Blackhawks…in six games….they have been playing with more heart.

    Steve aka Blades

  5. JoeLeafsJoe says:

    Hawks in six (4-2) games

  6. David Dailly says:

    I’m picking Tampa Bay Lightning in six games.

  7. Chicago in 7 games. Go Hawks go.

  8. Greg Miller says:

    Tampa Bay, in 6 games because life is random, and sports especially so.

  9. Michael Callihoo says:

    Chicago in 6 – experience and perserverance. The road win, game 7 in Anaheim sealed it.

  10. Audrey Dancy says:

    Tampa Bay in 7. Why? Because I am guessing because I want to go out for a nice dinner. I really don’t care who wins.

  11. Peter Collinson says:

    I am going with Tampa to win in 7 games. I was upset when they beat my favorite Canadiens, and would like to see them beaten, but just have a feeling that they will now win it all. but it will go the full 7 games. Steven Stamkos will be the star.

  12. Brian Vasey says:

    Chicago will win in 6 games, due to their experience.

  13. Kevin VanLeeuwen says:

    Chicago in 5 games, only because I’m picturing Clark W. Griswald in his Black Hawks jersey on Christmas Day cursing out his no good, rotten, snake licking, dirt eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood sucking….(and it goes on) boss in his living room with a moose glass filled with eggnog. Good enough reason for me. Win it for Clark!

  14. Mary Jane Rose says:

    Well I have to agree with a few of the bloggers that Tampa will take the cup in 7 games. Sorry that you will have to put our names in a hat and pull the winner out!! (is it a Leafs hat you use?)

  15. Ernie Sibbett says:

    Tampa Bay in 5. I think they are a young team and they will be fun to watch!

  16. Glen Muir says:

    The Tampa Bay Lightning are proving that Steve Yzerman is a genius on and off the ice. Great hire of coach John Cooper who won a Calder Cup in the AHL. But despite their great moves, I have to go with Chicago in 7. Jonathan Toews may go into history as the greatest captain in the modern era winning Stanley Cups at a time when it is most difficult to do. The Black Hawks are the best run team in hockey and defy the preconceived notion of teams believing that a Stanley Cup run is too demanding to do every year. The Hawks make regular runs deep in the playoffs. Enjoy some really good hockey regardless of who hoists the cup and hopefully a sizzling steak and delicious red wine courtesy of the great Tim Salisbury!

  17. Steve Chelmicki says:

    Black Hawks in 5 games cause they have the cooler uniform

  18. Randy Bleich says:

    The HAWKS in 7 games……It will be a great series but the hawks have more class and talent. I think there will be a lot 1 goal games but in the end Chicago will hoist the cup. I can remember as a kid when we had a black hawk team in St. Catharines and most people cheered for Chicago then, some things never change.

  19. Lori marsh says:

    Chicago will win the cup in 6, I’m going througha rough patch in illness and it would meke me feel better

  20. Bolts in 7. hoping lightning strikes twice.

  21. I think Chicago in six. They got the experience

  22. Greg Miller says:

    Tampa in six. Coulda sworn i posted this Wednesday!

  23. Don Cruikshank says:

    Chicago in 6!

  24. Mark Belchior says:

    Chicago in 5 ! I think Bishop is done

  25. David Hurst says:

    Hawks in 5…because I cannot handle these late nights anymore!

  26. Carolyn Robertson says:

    I think Chicago will win in 5 games. – they’re the better team!

  27. Carey McKay says:

    Tampa in 5 younger stronger team one of the best coaches

  28. Chicago in 6 o/time win 4-3

  29. Graeme Flett says:

    Chicago in 7 games because Tampa is going to run out of Goalies by end of series

  30. Timothy says:

    Many of you had the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup and you were right! About 6 of you had them winning it in 6 games as well so CONGRATS…………………….but only 1 winner and LORI MARSH wins this years Stanley Cup Contest and for many reasons. She was the 1st comment on the Blog who picked the Hawks in 6 games. She also has a great story of the Hawks that her family, especially her mom share. Congrats Lori.
    Thanks you to all of you who played this year.

  31. Lori Marsh says:

    Wow, thanks Tim, mom would be proud, xoxo

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