Stanley Cup Finals are here!

The Stanley Cup Finals begin this Wednesday night at 8 PM in Los Angeles, with the New York Rangers playing against the Los Angeles Kings.  We invite you to enter the Salisbury Team Play Offs Contest and you could WIN a Dinner Gift Certificate to a local restaurant!

enter-to-winIn the comments below, tell us which team you think will win the Stanley Cup, by how many games and why.

But wait!  There’s a second prize for our non-hockey fans!  Leave a funny comment or statement, and one will be chosen to WIN a Gift Certificate to Starbucks.

If there is more than one winner, a draw will be held for the prize.  Winners will be announced in the next newsletter.

Don’t delay – you only have until the start of the 2nd game to enter.  Deadline is Saturday, June 7th!

Good Luck!

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New York Rangers website –

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  1. Tom Tuckwell says:

    Kings in 7. First team ever to capture the Cup winning all 4 series in 7 games.

  2. Tom Tuckwell says:

    It’s baseball season. Go jays.

  3. I’m going with the underdogs. Rangers in Game 7. They will be more rested and being underdogs have a little less pressure.

  4. Audrey Dancy says:

    LA by two

  5. D. Dailly says:

    I’ll take the Kings to win in seven games. Should be a real goaltenders dual.

  6. Paul Croteau says:

    The Kings in 6 because the Bruins are out!

  7. Rangers in 6, because they will give up 2 games just to give the Kings false hope.

  8. C Woodhouse says:

    Kings in 5. Quick is going to have a great serious, Drew will lead on both sides of the puck and the Rangers just don’t have enough firepower upfront

  9. C Woodhouse says:

    And auto correct takes “series” and changes it to serious. Lol.

  10. Steve Chelmicki says:

    Kings in 5 , because the Bruins are out

  11. Peter Collinson says:

    Kings in 6. Having already played 21 games – they deserve a break lol

  12. Mark Goveia says:

    Kings in 5. Rest won’t be an advantage for NY as both teams have been off since Saturday, if anything Rangers probably have been off to long in between series. For that reason playing field is leven in that regard and Kings will over power them with Lundqvist taking a game in NY.

  13. Steve Goertz says:

    Rangers in 6….Lundqvist is a wall, LA is going to snooze through games 1&2….won’t be able to catch up…

  14. Mary Jane Rose says:

    Rangers in 5. Why, I don’t really know why and I am tired of my husband watching hockey on a nice summer evening!

  15. LA Kings in 6. After that, the New York Rangers are moving to the Phillipines and being renamed the Manilla Folders!

  16. The kings in six. LA just to strong. They beat better opponents just getting there.

  17. What a great final – Even though LA won in 5 games, 3 games went to overtime. Congrats to Chris, Steve and Mark who all had the Kings in 5. I did a draw and Mark is the grand prize winner!!!!
    I also scanned all the emails and Mary Jane’s comment made me laugh so she gets the 2nd prize!!
    Thanks for everyone who played this year.
    Next Contest will the ‘Open Championship’ from July 13th-20th.

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