Stanley Cup Playoff Finals!! Los Angeles Kings vs. New Jersey Devils!

Hello Bloggers and Salisbury Clients!!

The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin this Wednesday night – May 30th with the Los Angeles Kings playing the New Jersey Devils!

Simply just add your comment. Let us know which team you think will win the Stanley Cup, by how many games and why.  Sadly, my beloved Buffalo Sabres are watching from the sidelines this year. 

Don’t wait – the 1st team to 4 wins will raise the Stanley Cup!! Your last chance to vote is by the start of Game 3 this upcoming Monday night, June 4th.

If more than 1 winner, a draw will take place for the prize.  The winner will be announced in the next newsletter.

Good luck everyone!


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  1. Timothy says:

    Have to say that the LA Kings are on a very nice roll this year. Knocking off the number 1, 2 and 3 seeds in the first 3 rounds. I’m taking the Kings in 6 games for a few reasons, defense mostly and youth. I think the Devils will play tough though. I only regret I have is if the LA Kings do win, some of those ex-flyers will get Stanley Cup rings. Oh well.
    Good luck everyone and at the end of the day, let’s hope we see a good Stanley Cup Final.

  2. Devils 4-2 6 Games…………… MARTIEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. George Martyniuk says:

    Hi Tim and hockey fans!
    The obvious choice is to take the New Jersey Devils — Brodeur is still the best!
    The series will take 6 games.
    The Sabres alas are the victim of a slow start, injuries and the missing goal scorer who game break open a game, like a Zetterberg or Toews. I really think they should think twice about getting Kane–there aren’t enough cabbies in Buffalo!!!

  4. Julie. Spencer says:

    I think the LA kings are going to win the cup.

  5. Jamie O'Brien says:

    LA 4 games to 2

  6. Andrew Alraun says:

    Kings in 6 games

  7. L.A. Kings in 5 games.
    1) Johnny Quick plays well with a S% over 0.920.
    2) The Kings have two top lines. NJ can shut down one, but they other will put up points.
    3) Dustin Brown. He will get points in 4 of 5 games.

  8. Devils in 5.

    Picking the Devils just because everyone thinks L.A. will win.

    Often when the media loves one team too much the complete opposite happens.

  9. Steve aka Blades says:

    LA Kings in 5 games….

  10. As much as I want the Devils to win in 6 I think it will be the Kings in 5-only because there goalie is on fire right now. They will ride him right to the Stanley Cup parade.

  11. Michael Callihoo says:

    Kings in 6!! Brown/Quick in a race for the Conn Smythe…

  12. New Jersey for Kovalchuk’s story and a career wind down for Brodeur. Also, the Devils have more points per game, fewer penalty minutes per game, and more power play goals per game. Though the Kings get more shots on net with greater scoring accuracy they have not shot on Brodeur and he is kind of okay as goalies go. Don’t get me wrong, he is no Mike Palmateer but he does okay.

  13. The Kings in 6. Simply because they have a lot of ex-Oiler players on the team. (Even if one of them is Dustin Penner)

  14. LA Kings in 6 games. Reason…just ike their style and they are “Kings.”

  15. Peter Collinson says:

    Tim – Kings in 6

  16. Matt Cuthbert says:

    Kings in 6.
    I love Marty but the Kings have been playing amazing hockey since the turn of the year. Knocked out #1 and 2 to get to the finals.

  17. kings in 6…..goaltending is far superior!!

  18. Phil Horner says:

    The L.A. Kings will win in 6 games, because they have already beaten all of the “Big Guns”, and it is hard to think that they will lose more than 2 to the Devils !!!

  19. Hey Tim, I think the Kings in 6. Amazing on the road, Devils luck runs out.

  20. I think New Jersey will win, 4 games to 2, because of the scoring of Ilya Kovalchuk., and goal tending of Martin Brodeur.

    Bill Finley

  21. Helen Lockyer says:

    New Jersey Devils in 5 games. I chose them because the “Devil” made me do it! (ha ha)

  22. Ernie Sibbett says:

    I’m picking Los Angeles in 5 games because they have better goaltending.

  23. I’m gonna pick L.A. Kings in 6 games just because its there time…

  24. Adam Bovine says:

    Los Angeles Kings to win in 5 games. I think they will do this because they have had a lucky streak the entire 2011/12 playoffs by only losing 2 games to Vancouver and Phoenix.
    Adam Bovine
    Janice and Sandy’s son

  25. Dave Hicks says:

    After watching the first game last night I think its going to be a great series. I am going to pick the L.A. Kings in six games. It’s their year!

  26. Devils in 6 games

  27. Todd eh says:

    LA LA Kings in 7.

  28. Kim Duggan says:

    We will guess the New Jersey Devils in seven games. Enjoy watching these playoffs!

  29. Deb Jones says:

    LA in 6 games

  30. John Fraser says:

    New Jersey is down 2 games – but I’m going to say the Devils will mount a come back and take it in 7. Going with the long shot.

  31. Carolyn says:

    The Kings will win it in 5. They are on a roll right now but the Devil’s have to win at least one…..

  32. Kings in 4

  33. Margaret says:

    LA will take the cup by 2 wins

  34. Kings in 5

  35. Brodeur will steal 2 and the Devils will win in 7….and the Leaf win it next year…..probably not, but it would be exciting.

  36. Rich Eckhardt says:

    Kings in 5. Young goalie beats old goalie!

  37. mary jane rose says:

    LA IN 5

  38. Susan Lewczynski says:

    I think the Kings will win in 4.

  39. Susan Lewczynski says:

    I realize I can’t vote because the game has started. There is always next year.

  40. CHRIS BRENN says:

    ON MAY 30 I sent in my comments about how the Kings are going to win in 5, but I dont see it listed.

  41. Timothy says:

    Close to 30 comments on the 2012 Stanley Cup Contest this year. We had 13 people pick the LA Kings in 6 games. That’s amazing!! It was so easy this year because even I picked the Kings in 6. I personally think most of the winners probably saw my post 1st and just followed my lead 🙂
    All names were thrown into a Sabre hat (of course) and the winner is………..Jamie O’Brien!! Congrats Jamie!!
    Thanks to everyone that played this year.

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