Stanley Cup Finals! Boston Bruins versus the Vancouver Canucks

Hey Bloggers,

stanley-cup.pngIt’s the Stanley Cup Finals with the Boston Bruins versus the Vancouver Canucks! Here’s your chance, as a Salisbury client, to be a part of something fun (even if you don’t like hockey) and win a $100 Gift Certificate to the St. Catharines Keg!

Add your comment below and tell us who you think will win the Stanley Cup, why and by how many games.

If you really know nothing about hockey or the current teams, check out the information below and the links to educate yourself, then make a comment, it’s that easy!

Don’t wait! There are only 7 games. They begin on Wednesday, June 1st, and the last chance to vote or to change your vote is before the start of Game 3 on Monday, June 6th.

If there is more than one winner, a draw will take place. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter following the Stanley Cup Finals.

Good Luck to all

2010 Stanley Cup Contest


  1. 4 straight go canucks go

  2. Steve Chelmicki says:

    Bruins in 7. more depth.

  3. Vancouver 5 games 4-1

  4. As much as I would like to see a Canadian team take the cup I think Boston will take it in 6 games

  5. Joe Gretzky says:

    The Vancouver Canucks will win the cup in 7 games because Canada deserves the cup and it’s the closest thing this sorry old Leaf fan will get to experiencing that winning feeling — at least a Canadian team will have won it! So all you Sabres fans may as well jump on board too ’cause you aren’t taking the cup anytime soon either!

  6. I have to go for Vancouver because being a HUGE and I mean HUGE Buffalo Sabres fan. I simply can not cheer for the hated Bruins. I remember when I was in high school, I skipped the afternnon classes to go watch on TV Game 7 in Boston. The game went into overtime and Brad Park scored from the point to end the season for us. I remember Terry O’Reily and Larry Playfair going toe to toe for many years as the 2 tough guys on the team.

    But who can forget 1993 when the famous May Day call will live forever!!!
    Copy and Paste this above link and enjoy it over and over again Bruin fans.
    Vancouver in 5

  7. Can’t believe all of you guys jumping ahead of me with your comments!!

  8. John Fraser says:

    Vancouver will win the series in 7 games.

  9. Ron Neprily says:

    Boston in 7.

  10. Michelle Basciano says:

    Boston in 6. (I think it will probably be seven but I’m going with 6 to be different that the previous entries!). And yes T, I share the love for the “May Day” footage!!

  11. Paul Croteau says:

    Boston in 5 as Luongo will be just plain HORRIBLE.

  12. Todd eh says:

    I am a Canadiens fan and could not even contemplate cheering for Boston…so my heart says Vancouver in 6…my head says the team that wins 4 games first 🙂 It should be a good one.


  13. Helen Lockyer says:

    The Stanley Cup should be in Canada so I’m picking Vancouver in 6 games!

  14. Matt Cuthbert says:

    Leave it to Tim to some how relate this to the Sabres. Ps. When was the last time they won a cup?
    Boston is a bunch of goons and had trouble with each team. Tim Thomas will get lit up by the sedins and kesler will continue to dominate. But as Paul said Lou will be Horrible and that could cause Vancouver to take a little longer to close the deal.
    Van in 6.

  15. Vancouver in 5. With NHL coming back to Winnipeg, its Canada’s time to win the cup after 17 years.So what if they are led by 2 Swedes. A long drought is going to end for either team (41 and 39 years)The Leaf drought lives go canucks!

  16. Jamie Brock says:

    Vancouver 4 games to 1. Its time for the cup to be back in canada.

  17. Dave Hicks says:

    Vancouver in six games. DO IT!!

  18. Michael Callihoo says:

    Vancouver in 6. Well, rested, Luongo is on his game and the forwards of the Canucks are too powerful…

  19. Canucks in 7. Nothing like the Stanley Cup going to 7 games!

  20. Brian Dell says:

    Vancouver in 5.. they have more depth and a great power and penalty kill… This is all about special teams and well Boston has none!!! Kesler will be MVP simply because the Sedins will play against Chara… Boston will win the first game in Boston and that will be their only win…. Welcome back home Lord Stanley we’ve been waiting!!!

  21. Deb Jones says:

    Vancouver in 7 games

  22. Peter Collinson says:

    Hi Tim – Vancouver in 6 games

  23. Janet Krowchuk says:

    Vancouver in 4— Keep the Cup in Canada!!!

  24. Glen Muir says:

    As a Bruins fan living in Vancouver, I couldnt ask for a better final. This city is beyond crazy for the Canucks and starving for the Stanley Cup. I will be at Rogers Arena for some of the games including the decider to soak up the atmosphere and see it on the big screen. Why not predict the ultimate teaser — Canucks in game 7 Overtime.


  26. Carolyn says:

    For some unknown reason, I think Boston will win 2 games. I guess that means Vancouver will win in 6 games. That’s long enough for me!

  27. Vancouver in 5. I wish Boston could win because then the Leafs would pick up an additional draft pick in the Kaberle deal on top of the second round pick they have already received because Boston made the finals. That would really make it a Burke “Trade of the Year”!

  28. Tom Ferguson says:

    Canucks in 5- that’s if the Bruins can even muster up one win! 🙂
    Canucks are far superior in every aspect. The Bruins will not be able to handle the speed, agression or the offensive skills that the Canucks posess.

  29. Canucks in 6 – Just a feeling!

  30. sandra mcdougall says:

    i think canucks will win it in game 6 because vancouver is canadian and we love our hockey herritage

  31. I pick Vancouver in 6 time for Stanley cup back in canada. will win game 6 5-4 in overtime…

  32. Okay, so we’re less than 3 hours away from the final game. We have 2 people who have picked the Bruins to win in 7 and 5 people who have picked the Canucks. ( Comment 24 – Glen, being a die hard Bruins fan for all these years and you pick the Canucks, how dare you!)
    Should be a great game. Look for the winner in tomorrows Father’s Day Newsletter.

  33. What a series! To see all those upset fans in Vancouver, in and outside of the arena. The city was ready for a big party. Congrats to the Bruins for a great playoff run. Also to see a couple of our local boys hold up the Stanley Cup. Dan Paille from Dunnville and Nathan Horton from Welland was pretty special as well. That means the Stanley Cup will be in the Naagara Region at some point over the next year 2 times!!

    And the winner is………..

    Congrats to Steve (Post 2) and Ron (Post 9) for awesome picks of Boston winning the Stanley Cup in 7 games. They both will split the grand prize of $100 to the Keg. Congrats guys!!

    Thanks again for playing another Salisbury contest, stay tuned for the next one.

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